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Fleets / Private yacht owners

If you're a fleet specialising in nautical charter or a private owner of a yacht and you would like to have your yacht(s) listed on as well as on our partners’ websites, we have the perfect solution for you.

To have your yachts displayed online on and on our partners’ websites, we bring you BoatGrid, our fleet management software, which ensures that you have full control over the whole online process.

BoatGrid lets you:

  • Display your boats on the aBoatTime website and the tour operators' websites, with whom we partner.

  • Be exposed to nautical agencies via Freebo without having to update information, thanks to BoatGrid's automatic refresh.

  • Create contact lists, e-mails and other direct marketing campaigns in just one-click.

  • Promote your yachts on major European multinationals' intranets, and directly reach their thousands of employees.

  • You have full control over your fleet anywhere thanks to BoatGrid Mobile. You can easily check real-time availability of your boats and make manual bookings from any Smartphone, preventing double bookings.

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Viajes EL Corte Inglés
Halcón Viajes
Catai Tours
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