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Rent Catamarans in Athens

A catamaran charter in Athens is a great choice for a vacation in Greece. Athens being the biggest Greek air hub, it will be easy for you to board your yacht as the port is only a short drive away from Athens airport. Explore the ancient city and when you are ready to move on, hop on your catamaran and start exploring the rest of the Aegean.

Catamarans have the largest space on and below deck available in vessels of their length. In addition to the large space, their multihull design also provides the highest stability in the water, which makes it ideal for large groups that have people who tend to get queasy at sea.

Catamarans available in Athens

  • Catamaran - Lagoon 420
  • Lagoon 420 2008 (42ft-13m).



    Athens Alimos marina

    • 1
    • 4
    • 1
    • 5
  • €5,408.00



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