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Catamaran Charter Caribbean

Chartering a catamaran in the Caribbean is a great way to spend your holidays with your family or friends. Explore the Caribbean, its coves and many islands on board of the catamaran of your choice. Venture into the same coves that the most famous pirates of the XVIII century made their homes, go diving and search for sunken ships and their treasures!

Catamarans provide the most space both on and below deck within their weight class. This is due to their multihull design, which also makes them the most stable vessels on the seas. A catamaran will make you fill as if you were at home while out at sea. On top of all this, catamarans have a very low fuel consumption rate and their large size allows enough space for redundancy systems, which with the combination of their stability, makes the catamarans the safest vessels out there.

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