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Rent Catamarans in Stockholm

Chartering a catamaran in Stockholm will allow you to take your time and comfortably explore the thousands of isles that the “Venice of the North” offers those who sail its waters. The Stockholm archipelago contains around 24,000 isles and islets, which explains the affinity of the locals to all things nautical. Stockholm is very cosmopolitan and boasts an exquisite cuisine, rich in seafood.

Catamarans are outstanding vessels; their double hull design allows them to provide the highest stability on the water, as well as the largest usable interior and exterior space among vessels of their length. In addition, this large amount of space also translates into higher security as their double hull provides enough room for redundancy systems. This means that if a catamaran suffers some sort of equipment failure, whether it is propulsion, electrical or otherwise, there will be a backup that will allow you to continue sailing until reparations can be made. Choose the catamaran that you like best and get ready for an amazing sailing holiday exploring Stockholm and the thousands of isles in the Swedish waters!

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