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Rent Gulets in Menorca

Rent gulets in Menorca for your next holiday! Here at aBoatTime, we have a fantastic range of boats for you to rent, however, our gulets really are some of our favourites due to their larger size, more cabins and huge decks. Plus, by renting a gulet from aBoatTime on your next getaway, you’ll be getting access to the Mediterranean and the gorgeous Spanish island of Menorca, plus the option to visit the other Balearic Islands too!

Known by the locals “the white and blue island”, Menorca enjoys around 300 days of sun a year, making it the perfect place for sailing holidays. The origin of the name, comes from Minorica which means the smaller island of Majorca. The weather conditions of the island are ideal for yacht charter throughout the year. Its average temperature of 19ºC means that the temperature is warm even in the winter.

Just imagine sailing on board an amazing aBoatTime gulet, sailing from island to island on the Balearic Islands, sunbathing, relaxing, visiting quiet and secluded beaches so you can escape the busier port towns and experience some true moments of pure tranquility and relaxation! Jump off your boat into the crystal clear, azure waters, or have some drinks and have a party on board under the Mediterranean moon on the large moon lit deck.

Also, our gulets not only give you the fantastic opportunity to explore Menorca, the other Balearic Islands and other enjoy all the sea fairing activities you can think of, but the gulets themselves are incredibly comfortable and enjoyable to stay on for your holiday. Some of the gulets here at aBoatTime are almost like sailing, floating hotels because they are so luxurious with fully equipped kitchens, comfortable living areas and large bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms!

Gulets charter in Menorca will submerge you in the great splendour of the Mediterranean, offering you a wide variety of isolated beaches, magnificent coastal landscapes and a rich cultural heritage. So don’t hesitate to book your holiday in Menorca, and make sure to consider renting one of the gulets here at aBoatTime! Don’t miss this opportunity and discover this treasure in the best way.

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