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Rent Yachts and Motorboats in Croatia

Renting a motorboat in Croatia can be one of the most affordable and special options to enjoy a great vacation in the Adriatic. A motorboat is the ideal type of boat for the sailing enthusiasts who want to true excitement and speed on the open, if you have a need for speed and want to explore every square inch of this Adriatic and Mediterranean paradise, one of the luxurious motorboats from aBoatTime are just for you.

Both the sailing and tourism industries have been growing significantly in Croatia in recent years, leading to a fantastic improvement in the destinations that you can visit with aBoatTime for your next holiday. Yacht charter in Croatia is very popular, and growing in popularity ever year, this is arguably due to the country's sailing destinations being recognised as some of the best in Europe and for some people, the best in the world. Tourists, sailors and travelers will find comprehensive facilities that offer everything that they could need during their time spent on board one of our motorboats. Some of the best bases for yacht chartering in Croatia are the cities of Dubrovnik, Split and Trogir, which have some of Croatia’s best nautical facilities, and for this reason can be found in many tour guides.

The advantage of sailing in Croatia compared to other places in the Mediterranean Sea is that the air currents and the distance between the islands allow you to enjoy a quick and interesting journey. For boaters who want to feel the sea breeze on your face for your vacation, Croatia is a highly recommendable destination.

The interiors of our motorboats are comfortable and come well provided, normally, our motorboats have a well equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a living area, a radio and navigation station, and a smaller number of bedrooms than the larger boats, but this is to be expected. Some of the larger motorboats have all the conveniences of the modern home that we all have gotten used to. Choose your motorboat and prepare for an amazing trip and get ready to have a great time!

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