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Rent Yachts and Motorboats in Gothenburg

Chartering a motorboat in Gothenburg is a great choice for those who want to explore this Swedish city and its archipelago while sailing the waves at high speeds. Gothenburg is located on the North Sea coast in the western part of Sweden. Being the largest port in all of the Nordic countries, Gothenburg offers a large variety of cultural sites and activities. Maritime museums and seafood restaurants attract tourists from all over the world.

> A motorboat will allow you to visit all the secluded parts of the archipelago, because of their small keels, motorboats are able to enter into more shallow waters than sailing boats, allowing you to enter shallow coves or even go up river and explore the inner parts of Gothenburg from your boat. Motorboats also have the advantage of being available for short term charters, something that is more difficult to get with a sailboat or a catamaran, as those vessel types are normally available for a minimum period of a week. Choose the motorboat that you like best and get ready to explore Gothenburg, its isles and islets, to fish in the North Sea and to live the joys of high speed sailing!

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