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Rent Sailboats in Naples

Is there is a better way to spend a holiday than to rent a sailboat in Naples? Spend your days enjoying sailing along the gorgeous coast and exploring the rich historical, artistic and cultural heritage sites that are dotted around this amazing Italian city that lies at the foot of the imposing Mount Vesuvius.

Renting a sailboat in Naples will let you move quickly from one point to another in the Gulf of Naples: visit Pompeii, Sorrento and the islands of Ischia, Capri and Procida. There is so much to see and do in this tourist region of southern Italy. Renting a sailboat is the most efficient way to travel and stay here as it allows you to avoid crowded roads, trains and buses that are filled with tourists. Escape into the colorful and glamorous town of Sorrento to try their precious liquor, limoncello, made from the peel of lemons growing on the terraces on the impossibly steep cliffs of the region. Visit the world famous ruins of Pompeii, declared a World Heritage Site, which were devastated centuries after an eruption of Vesuvius.

But also, if you are looking for rest, rent a sailboat and guarantee yourself the perfect way to relax. Avoid the noise and bustle of the mainland and head offshore or to some of the most secluded coves of the islands that adorn the horizon seen from the top of Vesuvius. Due to their remoteness and limited access by foot, there are still many places in these islands that remain in a state of sublime beauty and virginity. Here you will find the desired peace and picked a place to enjoy the sea with friends or with smaller family. In short, renting a sailboat in Naples is a highly recommended option.

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