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Rent Sailboats in Sardinia

Chartering sailboats in Sardinia will allow you to sail the coast of Sardinia, also known as Costa Esmeralda or the Emerald Coast an idyllic experience. Sardinia’s waters attract tourists from all over the world, not only due to their stunning blue color, but also for the rich ecosystem that they contain. This Italian island is also home to beautiful beaches and amazing coves that are ideal for snorkeling, scuba diving, or just relaxing while admiring its beauty.

Visit these sensational beaches in Sardinia. Alghero beach, Capriccioli, Liscia Ruja or Spiaggia del Principe are fantastic beaches, but there are many more amazing beaches you could visit. One of the coves you simply have to sail to is the Luna cove. One of the most spectacular places in Sardinia due to the clear, blue water and the spectacular rocky cliffs that surround this idyllic piece of Sardinia. If you like snorkeling, the Luna cove is the perfect place for you! There is no better way to enjoy these places than by boat.

Another interesting place to visit in Sardinia are the "nuraghes" which are stone towers built during the second century BC by Sardinian civilization in order to defend the territory from invaders. These ancient megalithic edifices have been preserved throughout history in perfect condition. Last but not least, two essential visits are the Grotto of Neptune and the Maddalena Archipelago. Appreciate all of the natural attractions this area has to offer.

A sailboat will provide you with a comfortable environment while you are exploring Sardinia and the nearby islands. With its low fuel consumption, a sailboat allows you to sail to Corsica or the Balearic islands without having to spend a fortune on fuel. Choose the one that you like best and get ready to explore a paradise in the Mediterranean!

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