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Rent Gulets in Ajaccio

Corsica is a fantastic destination for a holiday, so rent a boat in Ajaccio! Discover all the charms of the French Mediterranean on a holiday that you’ll never forget. Renting a gulet here will make you feel at home, as there are many tourists that visit this city every year to enjoy a few days of sun and sailing. You’ll be surrounded by other models of boats, adding to the already fun and interesting sailing culture in the area.

The port of Charles Ornano located in Ajaccio is one of the most important in France as it has the capacity to accommodate up to 830 large boats, a major advantage if you want to dock your rental gulet without any problems. Ajaccio also has a unique and pretty landscape compared with mainland France, the buildings, homes and shops don’t cover every inch of land, which has allowed the nature to blossom over the years and has helped create a landscape of great beauty in which you can enjoy the authentic feeling of the French countryside.

This is also one of aBoatTime’s favourite destinations in the Mediterranean for renting a boat in, many more sailing enthusiasts feel the same way. Many important nautical competitions are held here and you could also improve and practice your sailing in the local schools. Relax and sail along this stunning coast while enjoying spectacular sunsets and having fun with different water sports, such as surfing. Ajaccio boasts an unbeatable environment for sailing, don’t miss out.

There’s so much more we could talk about how good Ajaccio is to rent a gulet in. This type of boat will provide you with stability and security that you won’t find anywhere else. Its design and construction, made of materials such as wood gives it an impressive and unique look. Don’t think twice about it, start planning your next holiday, isn’t it aBoatTime you rented a gulet in Ajaccio?

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