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Rent Gulets in Bormes les Mimosas

Isn’t it aBoatTime? Rent a gulet in Bormes-les-mimosas! Experience an amazing time on board in this charming destination on the French coast. On board of this type of boat you will be able to discover all the hidden coves and corners on the coast. Bormes Les Mimosas is one of the most charming places in the south of France, and we can assure you that you’ll enjoy your holiday filled with beauty and fun.

With your gulet you can enjoy a great climate that’s sunny and calm with perfect temperatures to take advantage of. In addition the wind conditions in this area are the best to navigate in with this type of boat, since with a gulet you can practice sailing rather than using the engine. A gulet is also the perfect boat for people who want to enjoy some water sports. Bormes Les Mimosas is a fantastic destination for surfing, windsurfing and all kinds of sports.

In Bormes you can learn about the architecture, one of the strong points of the city, as it has historic medieval buildings and other interesting sites from the twelfth century that gives it its own character and an indisputable cultural richness. There is also an amazing natural beauty to Bormes les mimosas, there are numerous specimens of mimosas that you can see.

The port of Bormes is also one of the most important in the south of France as it has 950 moorings and a large number of services that will meet all your needs. This is also perfect for those who decide to visit this destination on board a gulet because it is the perfect size for you to feel comfortable in.

So sit back and relax as you fall in love with sailing on board a large, comfortable and luxurious gulet on the southern French coast. Isn’t it aBoatTime?

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