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Rent Gulets in British Virgin Islands

Gulets rental in the British Virgin Islands will be one of the best and most memorable holidays of your life. Explore these paradise like islands that were discovered in the fifteenth century, one of the best tourist destinations in the Caribbean and the world!

Visiting them aboard a gulet is one of the best options available when renting any type of boat, thanks to the design of gulets you’ll feel like a pirate! Gulets are similar boats that were used in the seventeenth century and have been the object of so many stories and legends. A paradise for lovers of sailing and the sea.

On board a gulet you can relax very comfortably because of the large interiors with big rooms in which everything is cared for to the smallest detail. Its spacious cabins will give you the privacy you need to feel at home, perfect for families or large groups of friends. In addition, celebrate parties, eat dinners or have any type of meeting on board both inside and on the deck, as the large spaces are plenty big enough for you to do whatever you want on your holiday.

Enjoying the perfect tropical climate of the British Virgin Islands is an experience that deserves all of your attention. On the deck you can enjoy the sun and the relaxing sound of the sea, or enjoy your favorite water sports, such as fishing, surfing or diving, while keeping the equipment for them on the boat without them getting in the way .

You will be able to dock your boat in the different ports that are all over the islands, enjoying the best beaches, from the most touristic, to the most hidden and secluded. Since there are more than 40 islands that form this archipelago, don’t miss the opportunity to visit and explore as many of them as possible to enjoy new and different experiences whilst aboard your gulet!

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