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Rent Gulets in Didim

A gulet charter in Didimis a wonderful way to spend your next holiday – sailing on the Aegean Sea. This Turkish town is located on the southwest coast of Turkey – the door between Europe and Asia. Sometimes labeled as the ’Gateway to the Land of Oracles’, the seaside resort of Didim is only around 4 km away from the ancient temple of the sun god Apollo. Didim has white sand beaches and some of the most beautiful waters of the Turkish shores.

If you are very fond of architecture and would like to visit other temples on your yacht charter holiday in Didim, go to the sanctuary of Zeus in Euromos. Alternatively, if you decide to explore the town of Ephesus, there you will find the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The old metropolis of Ephesus is considered one of the best ancient sites in the Mediterranean Sea as it houses a great number of well-preserved archeological remnants. For cultural enrichment it is the perfect place to visit during your yacht charter in Didim.

Didim is an area located in the Aegean Sea and near the Bodrum peninsula, which allows you to visit both places if you choose go sailing for your next holiday. The beaches of this area are natural and filled with white sand, and they are slightly hidden because of the forests that form part of their landscape. Some of the beaches we recommend visiting are the beaches called Altinkum and Pamucak. If you are thinking about a special and unique place where to sail, Didim is the one.

Gulets are great for larger groups as they provide a fantastic amount of space for you and your friends or family. The large living and deck space are perfect for relaxing, sunbathing and partying if you want to. Gulets are the favorite type of boat for many sailing enthusiasts. They are also great for long sailing periods as they provide a lot of the amenities that we have in our homes, which makes you feel like you’re just at home. Why not use your catamaran to sail in Didim’s waters? Choose the gulet that you like best and get ready for an amazing time exploring the Aegean and the Turkish coast!

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