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Rent Gulets in Dubrovnik

Why not rent gulets in Dubrovnik for your next holiday? Explore Dubrovnik’s nearby coast and Croatia in a new, unique way. This city is known as the pearl of the Adriatic for reasons that will become obvious when you visit, for example the beautiful old town which is visited by tourists from all over the world.

In Dubrovnik, we also find a large marina with more than 300 moorings with services for everything you’ll need. Moor here and visit the interesting museums in Dubrovnik, fortresses, churches, palaces, but there’s much more you can see. Dubrovnik not only deserves a visit for its historical monuments, there are many water sports for you to do and have fun with, and its coast is perfect for it. The sea water is blue and crystal clear, you’ll find numerous bars and restaurants on the beaches, perfect for a glass of wine or beer. Go diving off the Dubrovnik coast and explore the ocean floor. You’ll be fascinated by the different plants and animals you can find down there, don’t forget to hold your breath!

Renting a gulet and enjoy the significant space on board. The cabins and living area are comfortable and spacious, plus the cabins can often have an ensuite bathroom included! Plus, if you want to bring any diving, surfing or other water sports equipment on board, you can – it will fit on board the gulet! Some of our gulet models can carry up to 25 of your friends and family, plenty enough people to enjoy a party, dinner or a spot of sunbathing with! Why not try to cook some local dishes in the fully equipped kitchen?

Don’t miss out on the holiday of a lifetime with aBoatTime! Explore the Croatian coast and rent a gulet in Dubrovnik for your next holiday!

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