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Rent Gulets in Elba

Make the most of your next holiday and rent a gulet in Elba and discover Italy in a unique way. This island is also part of the largest marine park in Europe, the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. So one of its greatest attractions are its natural landscapes, its beautiful coastline and wide green areas. A paradise for nature lovers and sailors.

Elba has an interesting past and has a long history, as it is known to be the fate of Napoleon Bonaparte's exile in 1814, however it was also formerly an Etruscan settlement and an important area for the Roman Empire.

If you decide to visit Elba on board a rented gulet, you will be able to discover the impressive underground iron mines and relax in the thermal baths of San Giovanni. We assure you that in Elba there is place for all types of tourists, from those who seek adventure and enjoy all kinds of activities to those who want to spend a few days enjoying the beach, nature and just relax in the sun.

This is also a perfect destination for lovers of hiking, as it has large mountain areas where you can enjoy long walks, starting with Mount Capanne, from where you can enjoy the best views of the island. Go diving in Capo Sant'Andrea and explore the ocean floor that’s filled with a multitude of different marine species.

Renting a gulet in Elba is the best way to get to know the island. Even more so if you want to spend a holiday with a large group of people, because its large design will make your stay on board very comfortable as you sail on the Tyrrhenian Sea. And if you still want to visit other places, you can choose your own route at your own pace. Don’t wait any longer, begin your adventure with aBoatTime.

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