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Rent Gulets in Grado

If you are looking for a destination where you can enjoy an unbeatable climate and relaxing, beautiful beaches, rent a gulet in Grado!. Located near Venice and at the foot of the Adriatic Sea, Grado is in an unbeatable location for you to have an amazing experience sailing along the Italian coast and in the Adriatic Sea. Plus, if you rent a gulet in Grado, you could sail along the coast of Croatia or Slovenia to experience different cultures!

Surround yourself with wonderful green landscapes, dock in the best local ports and relax on your gulet. Sounds good, right? Renting a gulet in Grado could be the holiday of a lifetime, a city that has so much to offer you. Visit every small, nearby island and spend some time on the stunning beaches.

Grado has many historic cultures that have influenced it over the years, the Byzantine Empire, Celts, Ottomans and French, which has given Grado it’s own unique identity. This can be seen especially in the architecture and gastronomy of the area, something you can enjoy if you rent a gulet in Grado.

In July you, take the opportunity to admire the famous procession of the Virgin Mary from Grado to the islet of the sanctuary of Barbana from the 8th century, and what better way to observe this tradition than on board your rented gulet!

A gulet is also incredibly comfortable during your holiday. Its ample spaces, both interior and exterior will give you a feeling of comfort and freedom difficult to find in other types of boat. On your deck you can hold family gatherings, dinners, parties or just relax and sunbathe while enjoying a day of sailing.

So rent a gulet in Grado, an experience you will never forget with which you will feel like a real privateer. Isn’t it aBoatTime?

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