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Rent Gulets in Krk

A gulet charter in Krk is a wonderful way to get to know Croatia and the Adriatic Sea. Krk is the most populous island in the Adriatic, located in the Bay of Kvarner. Although it is an island, it is easily reachable as it is connected to the Croatian mainland by one of the largest concrete bridges in the world and it is home to Rijeka international airport. Its geographic location makes it a great choice for a sailing holiday, as it is a good starting point for sailing along the Croatian coast.

Krk is an island with a great cultural heritage, which can be seen through the rich religious architecture throughout the island. Among them, the most famous is the Cathedral of the Assumption and its two churches, Saint Margarita and San Quirno. Krk is a great natural paradise characterised by spectacular coasts great for relaxing and watersports.

Stara Baska (Old Baska) is located on the south of the island, and due to the terrain the houses are built almost on top of one another on the hills. It is known for its beautiful beaches. The island of Cres is very close to the island of Krk and is one of the biggest in Croatia. One of its biggest tourism attractions is the Vransko Lake. Baska is to the south of the island, this city is characterized by its impressive landscapes. Finally, the Biserujuka cave is an impressive cave of a krastic origin where it is normal to find bands playing in concerts.

Krk is one of the oldest cities in the Adriatic, it is full of Roman ruins and other historical sites. Moreover there are medieval fortifications, among which are the fortified city walls, built during the times when the Venetian Republic held the island. The Kamplin plaza, which constitutes the center of the ancient city and where you can find large Roman ruins.

Gulets are great for larger groups as they provide the most space as they are some of our largest boats. The large living and deck space also provides the highest level of comfort and relaxation, making it the favorite type of boat for many sailing enthusiasts. Gulets are also great for long sailing periods as they provide a lot of the amenities that we have in our homes, making you feel even more comfortable. Why not use your gulet to sail in Croatia’s waters? Choose the gulet that you like best and get ready for an amazing time exploring the Bay of Kvamer and the Croatian coast!

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