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Rent Gulets in Lavrion

Lavrion, Greece. One of the most beautiful places in the whole of Greece – and the Mediterranean too. So why not rent a gulet in Lavrion and experience your holiday dreams for real! This really is the opportunity of a lifetime. Simply put, it’s an unforgettable adventure because you are in control. Decide when and where you want to go, go and relax on gorgeous, golden, sandy beaches, explore hidden, secluded coves that aren’t busy as they are only accessible from the sea on a boat or perhaps visit and experience as many towns and ports as you can so you can learn more about Lavrion and Greece’s ancient culture and history.

Enjoy this magnificent experience all from the comfort of a luxurious gulet too. The cabins are normally large and often also have a private ensuite bathroom attached. Finally, and perhaps the best feature of gulets is the large deck which is simply perfect for relaxing with your other holiday makers!

Consider a yacht charter holiday in Lavrion, a beautiful coastal town located on the southernmost tip of the Attica peninsula. In ancient times this town was a major mining area and though the mines are closed now, there are aspects of the area which remind the visitors of times gone by. Nowadays, the busy port is one of the most important in Athens, and serves as the perfect starting point for your yacht charter in Lavrion after spending a couple of days sightseeing in Athens. So set sail on your next holiday and visit Greece with a yacht charter around the Cyclades, the Aegean Sea and amazing cities like Athens.

Besides the old mining areas, the town is home to the country's largest amphitheatre, and the cruising waters that surround Lavrion are among some of the most spectacular surroundings in Greece. Additionally, there are many beautiful bays and stunning beaches to visit while on your yacht charter holiday.

As a starting point to your sailing holiday, a yacht charter offers a great number of opportunities. You will enjoy sailing through the scenic ocean of the Saronic Gulf and the Aegean Sea and visiting famous Greek islands such as the Cyclades, Dodecanese, Sporades, or Ionian isles. Opt for a yacht charter holiday in Lavrion and you will find much more than you were looking for.

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