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Rent Gulets in Santorini

It is no coincidence that many Greeks refer to Santorini as the most beautiful island in the Aegean Sea. The beautiful islands extend from the high cliffs of the caldera to the western part of the island boat rentals making Santorini the perfect choice for a boat rental to explore all the hidden treasures. Gulets or schooners are two mast vessels, larger than most sailboats. Traditionally, gulets are made out of wood, although fiberglass is employed in the construction of some of the most modern boats. Gulets are very popular in Turkey, as they have been the standard design for Turkish private yachts throughout the past centuries. Nowadays most of the gulets are luxurious yachts designed to provide a comfortable private cruise for a small group of people. These mast floating paradises come with their own crew who will cook, operate the yacht and pour you drinks so that you can enjoy a wonderful time on your sailing vacation.

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