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Rent Gulets in Trogir

Rent a gulet in Trogir for your next holiday, it’s a fantastic option for your next trip visiting the Croatian coast. It is a perfect destination for summer as the climate is Mediterranean and temperatures increase from July to August, reaching over 30ºC. In addition the conditions for the navigation of the wind are perfect, but on board of a gulet also you can sail with the built-in motor.

This type of boat is very spacious and has the capacity to accommodate up to 25 people, both on deck and in their cabins, which often have their own private bathroom. You can sunbathe, read and relax or rest outside on the deck. There’s also enough space on board and on deck to celebrate dinner parties and meetings that will allow you to have a moment of fun with your friends or family while enjoying a unique view of the landscape around Trogir.

You can also find time for water sports, such as diving or fishing, and keep everything you need for them in your rented gulet. With the rental of a gulet in Trogir you will discover the pleasure of life at sea, without a strict schedule, visiting different islands, beaches and bays near Trogir as well as the numerous ports that make this city a unique place to visit. Visit Pentana beach, which is located next to a quiet nature reserve, or Copa Cabana, designed especially for families. But on board your gulet you do not have to stick to only one place, you can visit a different beach every day if you want to. You’re in control. It is one of the great advantages of renting a gulet in Trogir.

Rent a gulet in Trogir and enjoy a unique experience creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones. At aBoatTime we will be happy to help you organize your next trip in Croatia.

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