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Sailing Routes

To make your yacht charter a fully-featured and unforgettable experience, we've prepared a series of recommendations and routes according to the type of holiday you'd like to have


If you enjoy exploring the local nightlife scene wherever you travel, these routes will be the best choice for you. We have included recommendations for the most famous disco clubs and bars in the area so that you can maximize your holiday fun.


If you want to spend your days relaxing in the sun, or simply admiring the natural landscapes around you, this is the holiday for you. Sail around the best beaches and coves wherever you wish to rent a boat.


If you want to combine your passion for sailing with a great diving experience, choose our DivingTime itineraries. They will lead you to the most famous diving areas so that you can make the most of your holidays at sea.


If you prefer to go sailing with the magic of the sea and waves, we suggest choosing

Sailing routes in Spain

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