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Sailing Route Dalmatian Islands

Yacht rent in Croatia

Follow this route if you want to enjoy a delicious culinary experience and explore the best tourist destinations on Croatia’s Adriatic coast.


Founded by Emperor Diocletian, the old city of Split has strong ties to the Roman Empire. If you choose to walk around the promenade while your boat is anchored at port, you will see some Renaissance-style monuments such as Republic Square (Trg. Republike) which is close to the Romanesque Cathedral of St. Lawrence (Katedrala Sveti Lovre) and the People’s Square (Narodni Trg). It’s easy to get lost in this city as its intersecting streets tend to form a labyrinth mixing different architectural styles. You could spend many hours in the streets of Split and be unaware of the time passing. Other places of interest include the Sveti Nikola and Gospa od Zvonika churches and the city museums which house works by some of Croatia’s most celebrated artists. In Marjan, just 15 minutes away from the old district of Varos, you have unrestricted access to nature at the Marjan Park-Forest. Here you can simply go for a walk, visit the zoo, or enjoy the views of Split.

Pakleni Islands

The Golden Cape (Zlatni Rat) Beach is a promontory located in Bol on the island of Brac in Croatia. The shape of this beach tends to vary with the changing tides. Here you can smell the mix of herbal fragrances such as lavender, sage, and mauve from the edge of the beach, and a bit further from the coast you can visit Supetar, a fishing village with an excellent selection of cheese, olive oil, and good wine. This area boasts the largest economic and cultural profile on the island of Brac.

Pakleni Islands

The Pakleni Islands are an archipelago off the coast of Kvar, one of Croatia’s most beautiful islands. The islands get their name from the local word “paklina”, which refers to a pine resin once used to coat the hulls of ships. The sea in this area has a rocky bottom and is ideal for spear fishing. The Pakleni Islands are home to a number of small and secluded beaches, deserted coves, and sun-drenched hills. You can enjoy a wonderful evening at one of the many restaurants in the area or cook onboard your sailboat, where you can also invite neighbouring crews over for a few drinks. Night on the islands is a spontaneous affair and you can enjoy parties onboard sailboats moored in the area. Due to their geographical location (across from the town of Hvar), the Pakleni islands have become a paradise for sailors and those who want to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of nature and the crystal-clear Adriatic.

Vis Island


An island shaped like the hump of a camel and surrounded by crystal-clear waters. Behind the bay you will find several paths covered by vegetation. You can also rent a canoe if you want to take in the sights and enjoy the city’s promenade.

The island of Vis offers delicious local specialities; one of the popular dishes here is the pogaca od slane (a loaf of bread and sardines). This dish is typically enjoyed with krostule, a dessert made of plum paste and liquor and enjoyed with bread.

The city of Vis has a long promenade and several great restaurants serving dishes of fish and lobster: why not enjoy the cool Adriatic breeze while having a drink at the bar overlooking the yachts anchored in the bay? We recommend a visit to Villa Kaliopa, a restaurant where tables are laid out in a romantic fashion, surrounded by a beautiful garden filled with palm trees and exotic flowers. For a party atmosphere, we recommend the Vista club, an old open-air theatre with beautiful views of the bay.

The island seems like a paradise, but it was only opened to foreigners in 1994; before then it used to be the headquarters of the dictator Tito. Due to these previous restrictions, the island has remained basically unchanged since 1970, retaining much of its interesting historic architecture.

Other interesting sites in Vis include the underwater piers, “Navarone”-style gun towers, and miles of long tunnels that pass through the mountains. You can also find other attractions, like the old Roman forum.

Vis - Komiza

The Green Cave.

In the roof of the cave is a large hole that allows sunlight to penetrate at noon, creating special lighting effects in shades of silver and green.

Stiniva Cove

The entrance from the sea is relatively small. You can find a beautiful beach here where an old fisherman’s house has been converted into a bar. The natural beauty of the place makes it a popular tourist attraction.


This small but charming fishing village will remind you of the typical sights you find in the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean climate ensures that the place is a welcome haven even in the winter months. You have beautiful beaches all around the village, as well as narrow streets and houses clustered around the harbour.Local culinary delights such as komiska pogaca, oven cooked dishes, grilled sardines, beans and noodles, cooked fish, or brodetto, are offered along with the local wine.


Blue Grotto

On the islet of Bisevo is the Blue Grotto, a spectacle of light and water, which was discovered in 1884. The sun’s reflection on the sea creates rays of light which filter into the cave and result in a unique silver and violet coloured display. The largest island in the Adriatic, Hvar, is bathed in the aroma of lavender, rosemary and pine. With its virgin forests and white sand beaches, Hvar has become a popular island location: a sort of Cote d’Azur in the midst of the lovely Mediterranean waters where many sailing tourists choose to anchor their charter sailboats.

Spanish Fort

To reach it you have to climb a steep hill. You can take the best pictures from the top of the hill; the view from this point is spectacular. If you want to recover your strength after the climb, you can have a drink at the bar located nearby. The highest point of Hvar is Fort Napoleon which was built in 1811 under French rule. This point offers amazing views of the sun. To get there, you need to climb down to the street of Brusje, where you can find an observatory. After walking through the old town and buying the odd souvenir, you might want to indulge in a healthy meal or take a swim on one of its Zecevo. However, swimming is only allowed here in the summer.

Carpe Diem

If you’re in the mood for a party, fun is guaranteed at the Carpe Diem Bar, a famous pub with a large terrace overlooking the sea. We offer additional services for party-goers: for around 12 € per person we will provide boats that take you to Carpe Diem on the island and bring you back. This open-air nightclub is located on an island near Hvar, surrounded by hundreds of pine trees, a fresh water pool, and, best of all, a naturally lit, salt-water swimming pool where you can take a dip in the midst of the party atmosphere.

Hvar - Maslinica


Solta remains an oasis of unspoiled natural beauty and the traditional way of life remains intact due to the lack of industry and tourism in the area. As the sun peeks over the horizon and a new day approaches, the fishermen set out to sea while the city prepares fresh bread and homemade wine. After a busy day, there is nothing better than drinking good wine and enjoying grilled fish with friends while you watch the sun set behind the mountains.

Sismis cocktail bar

At Sismis cocktail bar, late night parties are organized where people can enjoy drinks on their sailboat decks and watch the sun set. It’s the perfect place to socialize with crews from other boats!

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