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Sailing Route in Croatia

Sailing holidays in Croatia

give you the chance to enjoy the Adriatic Sea and visit the fascinating cities of Split or Dubrovnik as well as other quieter spots on the various croatian islands along the Dalmatian Coast.


Your Croatia sailing holiday begins in Split. The city of Split was founded by the Emperor Diocletian, and these roots are clearly.
Visible through the Roman-style old town. After anchoring your yacht charter, explore the winding streets and observe some of the beautiful monuments, displaying a mixture of different architectural styles. For example, visit Republike Square, situated very close to the Roman Church of San Lorenzo and Popolo Square. With such a wide variety of things to see, this is the perfect city in which to lose yourself for the day or just the afternoon. You definitely shouldn´t miss a visit to the SV Nikola and Gospa od Zvonika churches, as well as the many museums, which house the creative works of some of Croatia´s most famous artists.
Situated only a 15 minute walk from the old town of Varos, in Marjan a popular tourist spot is the Forest Park, where the beautiful natural scenery provides an oasis of tranquility and helps you get away from the stresses of daily life: go for a walk, visit the zoo, or simply take in the panoramic views of the city. For a bit of extra exercise, it´s possible to climb up to the top of Telegrin, the perfect spot from which to look out over the islands of Hvar, Brac, Solta and Vis, as well as other cities such as Trogir.
With the chance to explore Split, you are able to make the most of both its cultural heritage and the opportunity to unwind on the sands of the popular Bacvice beach in the centre of the city and the numerous coves and beaches slightly further out. The summer is the ideal time to book your yacht charter in Croatia if you would like to take advantage of the many activities which take place there, such as the month-long Split Summer Festival from the 15th July to the 15th August, with an open-air theatre, operas and concerts among other events. If you´re attracted to the nightlife in Split, we recommend going for a few drinks in one of the bars on Majstora Jurja Street, one of the liveliest areas in the city.
If you choose your sailing holidays in Croatia in the summer months, you will be able to experience the even more upbeat atmosphere..

Split - Lastovo

Situated in southern Croatia, Lastovo is a peaceful little island of unspoiled, natural beauty, bordered by clear waters. The island is surrounded by 46 smaller islets, cliff tops emerging from the water, and a number of natural bays. As one of the 10 Mediterranean islands which have best conserved their natural beauty, a visit to this island should not be missed. For sailing lovers as well as those looking to make the most of the fishing spots and sample the local food and wine, the beautiful bay of Zaklopatica is an excellent choice.

Lastovo - Mljet

The small island village of Okuklje is a popular destination for sailing tourists in Croatia, located in one of the most highly protected zones in the region. The dense forests on the coast combine a beach holiday here with all the tranquility of nature. Culinary enthusiasts will not be disappointed with a trip to the island: the many restaurants serve some of the best seafood dishes, as well as various other local specialities.

Mljet - Dubrovnik

The city of Dubrovnik, often known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic” because of its rich artistic and historical heritage, has been named as one of UNESCO´s World Heritage sites. The walls which surround the city and connect its 16 towers are a unique spot from which to admire the city at its best, and represent the way that the city´s art, culture and history contrast and come together to create the perfect combination. Despite being a small city, Dubrovnik is easily accessible to tourists and travellers, who whilst on holiday here enjoy the experience of wandering around the old district of Stari Grad, today known as Dubrovnik´s old town. Both its marble pavements and winding alleyways bursting with Croatian culture offer the visitor an image of the city which they will not forget in a hurry. The walls enclosing the old town, the palaces, churches, fountains and museums make the walk up and down the many hills completely worth the exertion.

Dubrovnik is a rich source of historical remains, and on a walk around the winding streets you will not be able to help stopping to admire the great number of beautiful spots found at every turn. The majestic churches, monasteries and palaces will capture both your attention and your imagination.

The tranquil atmosphere of the little streets, free from cars, makes taking a walk around its centre an even more relaxing experience.

Dubrovnik - Korcula

The island of Korcula is one of the greenest in the Adriatic Sea, boasting abundant vineyards and olive groves. Its southern coast is made up of small beaches and caves, while the place in general maintains the essence of a market town with its combination of culture and the high walls reminiscent of Dubrovnik. Korkula retains its traditional feel, shown in the classic dances which even today are held all over the island. To the south of the island, you can find a number of small beaches as well as more than 200 coves and caves. The city of Korkula gives the image of a typical medieval Dalmatian town, displaying its red defense towers and its jumble of red-roofed houses.

Korcula - Hvar

Overflowing with dense forests and white sand beaches, Hvar has become the place that everyone wants to visit. While the Mediterranean waters are popular for sailing tourists, this island has much more to offer the wealth of visitors who visit each year. One of the popular attractions is the Spanish fortress, accessible after a short climb throughout which you will be able to make the most of the panoramic city views to take some fantastic photos. If you need to recover your strength once at the top, there is a bar strategically located to offer you a short respite.

At the highest point of the city you will find the Napoleon Fortress, constructed in 1811 under French rule. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch the sun set over the city landscape as you relax in the warm summer breeze. After a tiring but entertaining day exploring the old town, taking in the culture and buying souvenirs, perhaps you will feel like taking a refreshing dip in the clear waters at one of the city´s beautiful beaches. As well as the variety of popular beaches frequented by all types of tourists, the island is home to a number of beaches specifically for naturists. One of these is found in Zecevo, although it is only possible to swim there during the summer months.

Hvar - Split

After an exciting week, we will return to Split.

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