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Sailing Route through Greek Islands and Corfu

Sailboats in Corfu

This sailing route is tailored for those who want to see the most of the greek islands possible.


The island of Corfu Kerkira, Kerkira as it is called by the Greeks, is the second most populated island of Greece.

Its landscape is dominated by mountains, reaching 1,000 m above sea level, such as Mount Pantocrátoras. This mountain divides the island into three zones: the north, where there is an abundance of olive trees, green valleys and coasts that are small with large bays; the central part, the most populous and important, which is covered with dense vegetation, hills and hardwoods trees; and the south that has great plains with less, more fertile,vegetation. The island boasts stunning beaches combined with numerous cultural attractions and also has a wide range of leisure activities and sports to participate in. The coast is rocky in parts with steep cliffs on the west, with bays as well as beautiful beaches with clear blue waters. The island of Corfu has great cultural traditions that are reflected in many of its diverse environments.


Corfu - Lakka

The charming village of Lakka sits on the northern tip of the island of Paxos and is protected from the sea by two headlands that create a natural circular bay. Lakka is very popular among the sailing community and yachts are regularly moored in the beautiful harbor. There are a number of beautiful beaches around Lakka, where the stones give way to the sand as soon as you step in the water. Around the bay there are some great beaches with amazing rocky backdrops.

Lakka Beach has two main beaches: a white pebbled beach called Kanoni and a sandy one called Harami. The crystal clear water is of a fantastic turquoise color and is excellent for diving.

Lakka has many excellent restaurants and taverns, both along the coastline and in the streets and alleys that lead back to the village harbor. Some of the most beautiful reaturants in the area are:

Akis Bar and Restaurant

Located just outside the harbor, Aki’s bar and restaurant serves a selection of quality Greek and international food. The bar is open during the day and is an ideal place to watch the sunset on the promontory.

Dionisio Tavern

Located in the port, Dionisio Tavern takes pride in cooking their food with local, seasonal ingredients. The inn has an excellent wine list.

Harami Beach Tavern

It is located behind Harami beach about five minutes walk from the centre of Lakka. The views from the Harami Beach Tavern are excellent and you can see as far as Corfu and the Greek mainland.

Paxos Blue Caves

Legend has it that Paxos was formed when Poseidon severed the tip of Corfu with his trident and dragged it to the south to create a refuge for his love, Amphitrite. The marble palace of Poseidon was allegedly inside Ipapanti - one of the legendary blue caves. The caves attract some visitors by boat from Corfu and Parga; some are so large that the boat can actually fit inside.

Lakka – Kefalonia (Asos)

Lakka, located on the west coast of the island of Kefalonia, covered in scenic coastal hills and forests, is a simple town, rustic, romantic and perhaps the most beautiful place on the island of Kefalonia.

Dominating the whole area are the remains of a Venetian fortress located at the top of the peninsula.

On entering the village there is a small pebble beach and crystal-clear water which offer views of the bay. Along the coast there is a selection of cafes and taverns where the pace of life is slow and relaxed.

Most taverns are located along the harbour and in the small main street of Assos. On the slopes you have several dining locations where you can witness the beautiful sunset.


North is a restaurant and bar at the top of the slopes of the north where the best sunsets are guaranteed.

The Assos Inn

It is a tavern located on a side street in the village of Assos, but it's easy to find - just follow the smell of home cooked food.

Asos - Paros

Blue Caves of Schinari

In the northern part of the island you have the Schinari Cape, and east of the cape are the Blue Caves in the region of White Rock, which is a series of geological formations that have created a unique seascape. Apart from the natural arches that have been carved by erosion, these caves are famous for the colour of the water in the deepest hollows, a deep blue colour which is most striking in the morning, when the light is brightest. The most beautiful of the caves is the Kianoun cave.


Another place worth seeing on the west side of Zakynthos is the Navy Shipwreck Cove, or “smugglers cove”, used in many postcards. This beach is undoubtedly one of the most famous and photographed in Greece. It has vertical rocks rising from a rusty shipwreck abandoned in the middle of the beach (which sank in 1983 while carrying smuggled cigarettes) and is surrounded by the blue Ionian Sea.

Kefalonia (Poros)

Picturesque village of about 1100 inhabitants situated on a small hill with a beautiful main square full of taverns, shops and traditional cafes. The dense, green vegetation and the blue sea add to the beauty of the island, and it is true that this island is worthy of a visit.

Cafe Bar Remetzo

Bar next to the harbor with a garden and beautiful sea views.

Poros - Sami


Sami is on the east coast of Kefalonia and is the largest port of the island, linked with Italy, Patras and Corfu.

Along the coast there are landscapes of exceptional beauty such as Paliouras, Antisamos beach or the small Karavomylos lake. In addition, Sami has a number of beautiful villages, charming houses and gardens full of flowers. The coastal road is full of tourist taverns, cafes and bars. It has two amazing geological attractions: Drogarati Cave and Lake Melissani. The sailing distance between the two attractions is short, so it is possible to visit both in one day.

Lake Melissani and Drogarati Cave

The Melissani caves consist of an underground crypt of great natural beauty that is located in the central part of the island of Kefalonia. About 5 miles northwest is the town of Sami, on the shores of the Ionian Sea. The name of the Lake Melissani comes from some artefacts unearthed at the site that were probably created in honor of the nymphs of the Melissanthi. The Drogarati Cave was discovered shortly after an earthquake in 1953 which uncovered an underground lake with a depth of around 30 meters. In 1963 the cave was opened to the public.

The Cenote is shaped like the letter "B" and contains two separate chambers. The roof of one of them sank and the hole that remains is the place which provides access to sunlight which reflects in the water. We will have some small boats to go on this part of the trip.The other chamber is in total darkness, illuminated by artificial light. Those who are fortunate enough to visit the cave can enjoy the beautiful stalagmites and stalactites that adorn the place. In Greek mythology, nymphs that lived in the caves of Melissani were companions and messengers to the dolphins.

Sami - Parga


With a lush landscape that remains fresh and green throughout the summer, magnificent beaches and an interesting harbour as well as a historic castle, it is not surprising that the small town of Parga has become so popular.

Its hills are covered with olive trees, pines and forests of cypress trees, which complement the perfect coastline of this island.

On the waterfront you have restaurants, streets, small shops and old houses up the hill. Parga also has traditional taverns and bars with great music. There is a beach in the bay, but the magnificent beach of Valtos is what is appreciated the most.

Parga is a great attraction for visitors of all ages and nationalities. The holiday traffic is particularly intense in the high season and sometimes also on weekends. However, the character and charm of Parga has allowed it to survive this sudden popularity.

Parga - Corfu

Journey back to Corfu

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