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Diving Route Corfu

Sailboats anchored in Corfu

Enjoy this spectacular diving route with your charter boat. Visit the most interesting dive sites around the island of Corfu, from old shipwrecks to places full of marine life.

Yacht charter in Corfu

After our landing we head for the port of Corfu, where we can enjoy the nightlife..

Corfu - Arilas

After breakfast we will start towards our first dive site, where you have two dives: the wreck, a relic of the Second World War, and "the Hole of Ha", a cave in a mountain. We then head for Arilas, where you will find a beautiful sandy beach.

Arilas - The Skeloudi and The Bottle

We will head with our boat to a new site to participate in two dives: "The Skeloudi" and "The Bottle" a narrow dive by a mountain.

The Skeloudi and The Bottle - The cave and Nisaki

After sleeping by the sea, we will go to a spectacular diving destination, the Cave of Corfu "Colovri", where shrimp and lobster are common. Later, we stop at "Angelokastro", a cliff full of life under the sea. Later we will travel to Nisaki, where we can taste Greek cheese and other local products.

Nisaki - "Donal's Place"

Today we will have some time to hang out at "Donal's Place" a location filled with many small caves. Our next destination will be Perulades.

Perulades - “Liapades Reef”

Day 6 will be our last day of diving. We will dive from "Liapades Reef" where barracudas are common, and "the Wall", which is located at a wall with a colony of locusts. Later, we will return to Corfu.

Liapades Reef - Corfu

With sadness we will return to Corfu after our busy week. We guarantee that the thought of returning for another sailing holiday will already be in your minds - see you again soon Greece!

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