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Diving Route Marmaris

The DivingTime sailing route in Marmaris will show you the best dive sites that Turkey has to offer whilst giving you time to relax and enjoy your time on the boat.


After landing, we proceed to the port of Marmaris, where you can enjoy the nightlife..


Diving at Divers Delight Bay, The Wall & Rhodes

After breakfast we will head to our first dive site where we take two dives: one at Divers Delight Bay and one at the Wall, which is a journey through time, as amphoras and archaeological remains are common here. After the dives we go to Rhodes, where you can shop and enjoy the beaches.

The Kadirga Chimney Rock & The Cave

Diving at the Kadirga Chimney Rock & The Cave

We sail to the next dive site to make two dives which are not to be missed: The Kadirga Chimney Rock and the Cave. The place looks like a submerged city. The topography of the cave is spectacular, and outside you will encounter the coral reef.


After sleeping cradled by the sea, we will head to a spectacular diving destination: the island of Datca, also known as Amphora Island. Here we dive from the Datca Cape and the Three Rocks, where you can find wild tuna and other fish. On Datca there is also a lake to enjoy.

Zapiony Kater Wreck & Iduza Bad Rafa rock

We will head out from Bodrum. Day 5 involves a dive to a wreck, the Zatopiony Kater, perched on the sandy sea floor, and later, Iduza Bad Rafa, a rock 35 metres high and covered with flora and fauna. Our next destination will be the Island of Paradise.

Rhodes Island

Day 6 is our last day of diving. We will dive from two sides of the island of Rhodes. It is rocky, known for hosting a lot of flora and fauna, and reaches a depth of 15 to 25 metres.

Return to Marmaris

We will head back to Marmaris, of course sad to be leaving Turkey, but with thoughts of returning soon.

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