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About the aBoatTime team

At aBoatTime we believe that personal initiative is one of the main drivers of any organization. In order to perform, that team members need to be in an environment that encourages open and dynamic work and pushes them to excel and to collaborate as much as possible. For us, the foundation of good business is continued teamwork.

We have assembled a technical team of top-level engineers with an average of 8 years’ experience in leading international companies; a management team with experience in the banking industry, consultancy, and seamanship; and a marketing and content team. Relying on the talent and motivation of our team has allowed us to become a top project at the European level and the only 100% online charter company in the nautical world that puts the process of choosing and reserving a boat directly into your hands.

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Viajes EL Corte Inglés
Halcón Viajes
Catai Tours
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