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About aBoatTime

aBoatTime is a website for online boat reservations that offers its clients a complete and unique sailing experience. We are innovators in the tourism sector as, through the application of new technologies in the world of nautical charter, aBoatTime is the first website for boat reservations in the world that is 100% online transactional.

What differentiates us from other yacht charter companies is:

  • Security and Reliability

    In aBoatTime we are committed to the Customer and we want you to have an unforgettable experience with the best guarantees. We can provide them through our experience in the marine industry, our advisory team and after-sales Support team.

  • Instant transactions

    For the first time you can hire any type of vessel in real time, 100% online, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through the aBoatTime website.

    1. Real time availability:

      There's no need to spend days contacting people only to be disappointed, as the boats shown on the aBoatTime website are only those that are available.

    2. Online payment:

      Once you've selected your boat, you can book it by making a small online deposit, without having to worry about making bank transfers or being restricted to business hours. This way, you can reserve your yacht, preventing anyone else from booking it for the dates selected.

    3. Payment schedule:

      You only need to make an initial deposit of around 20%. The remaining payments can be made on our website in a timeframe that suits you. However if you decide to reserve a boat less than one month prior to departure, you usually need to make a deposit for the full amount.

    4. Share payment with friends:

      You can allow friends to make payment for the boat online and thus not be left in the lurch. They can also pay their share online, allowing you to see in real time how much payment has been made and how much remains to be paid.

  • Other unique advantages

    1. Promotions and other special offers:

      In addition to offering some of the most competitive rates on the market, we always have new and updated offers, last-minute deals, and many other special offers making your yacht charter very affordable indeed.

    2. Information about destinations and routes:

      on our website you can find information about our sailing destinations, sights to see and recommended sailing routes with detailed information about sailing conditions and the best leisure activities, adapted to each type of holiday- sailing, diving, relaxing, etc.

    3. Location of our yachts:

      With our platform you can see the exact location of each of our yachts on a map, allowing you, for example, to see the closest airport to the port where your yachts is moored.

    4. Renting a particular yacht:

      if you wish to rent a particular yacht and don't mind where it's located, just by selecting the model you can see its location and enjoy the yacht you've been dreaming of.

We want to make the process of renting a boat as simple as possible, which is why we designed a website dedicated to yacht charter bookings. The idea came about a few years ago when we realised the enormous amount of networking required to plan a yacht charter: talking to agencies, hundreds of phone calls to ensure that the payment was made (waiting hours or even days for a response), long chains of e-mails to see if the boat you want will be available on the dates you want, etc.

After seeing the growing demand for a streamlined process for sailing holidays, we explored the world of yacht charters for a better understanding of its shortcomings in order to be able to overcome them.
Our main objective is to make it much easier for the end user to book a yacht charter, to provide the best experience possible.

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