Absolute 40

  • This fantastic motor boat takes maximum care in the little details. Upon entry you’ll notice the fine design. The U-shaped sofa with teak table holds 6 people comfortably. The kitchen is pragmatic and has all the necessary equipment, including worktops, a fridge and an oven. The kitchen will help to generate a pleasant atmosphere. Whilst on board you will experience complete relaxation in the cabin and out on the deck where you can enjoy the warm rays of the sun whilst being rocked gently by the waves. For a refreshing break, the low platform ensures easy entry and exit in and out of the sea. The second major attraction of the Absolute 40 is the large cabin that includes a big double bed with windows that offer spectacular views from just above the waterline. The space on the deck is also amplified by the second sundeck which has an adjustable back and can comfortably accommodate 3 people. Access to this area is easy and safe, thanks to the wide walkways and the barrier. The steering console is designed in the classic Absolute style, with a special touch of originality in the choice of colors. Two individual seats are adjustable, ergonomic and comfortable for the pilot and co-pilot during navigation. The characteristics that make this boat unique are the dimensions, its lines, its style, sportiness and the design that makes the new "Absolute 40 Sport Line" a fantastic boat to rent for your holiday. Whatever your needs, whether for the family or friends or scuba diving, fishing or sports driving, this boat is perfect for you!

    Technical specifications

    Model: Absolute 40
    Length: 11.9
    Beam: 3.99
    Draft: 1
    Displacement: 13000
    Motorboats: Volvo Penta 2×D6-330
    Horse Power: 660
    Day by day capacity: 10

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