Aicon 75 Fly

  • Technical specifications

    Model: Aicon 75 Fly
    Length: 24.22
    Beam: 5.88
    Draft: 1
    Displacement: 35000
    Motorboats: MAN C32
    Horse Power: 3144
    Day by day capacity: 8

Destinations where you can hire a Aicon 75 Fly

  • Yacht charter in Sicily
  • <p>Sicily is the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the most beautiful yacht charter regions in the world. Being born from volcanic activity, it hosts one of the most famous and active volcanoes of Europe - Etna. There is a great variety of terrains and some amazing rock formations along the coast which you can enjoy during a <strong>boats charter in Sicily</strong> aboard one of our many crewed or bareboat yachts. The northern and western sides boast many high cliffs and breath-taking views while the southern and eastern parts have instead a number of low bays and beaches. Here you will find most of the marinas which will provide you with all the necessary facilities whilst on board a yacht charter in Sicily during one of the best holidays in the Mediterranean! </p> <p>There’s so much on offer in Sicily, from gorgeous coves in which to spend the day, to a vegetation common to the Mediterranean in its natural parks, an exquisite gastronomy and a large variety of ruins and standing buildings that will attract those interested in the Greco Latin culture. Choose a yacht charter in Sicily and sail the Mediterranean as the Romans did centuries ago. Two of the most popular cities that we recommend you to rent a yacht are Sant’Agata di Militello and Marsala. </p> <p>Sant’ Agata di Militello is a small town of rich forests and magical rocky coves in which sailing is a real pleasure. It is situated in the north and is a perfect point from which to sail to the seven islands like the isle of Lipari, where you will discover its dark volcanic coast. </p> <p>Marsala is located in the Western end of Sicily, close to the islands of Egadi and Lampedusa and has an important port that will provide you with everything you need. While you are there, don’t miss out on the local gastronomy and wine, they will make your holidays in Marsala a delightful experience. </p> <p>Rent one of our yacht charters and set sail around Sicily to visit some beautiful areas along its coast. For example, you have to visit Palermo and the towns of Portorosa and Sant Agata as well as the Aeolian and Egadi Islands and also Lipari. Furthermore, mainland Italy and Sardinia are also very close and if you choose to charter a yacht in Sicily, you should spend a day or two sailing along the Italian and Sardinian coasts on your Mediterranean holiday! </p> <h2>What to see in Sicily</h2> <p>Sicily was formed as a result of volcanic activity and is home to Mount Etna. As a result of this, the terrain is very varied and there are some impressive rock formations along the coast. </p> <p>To the north and west you can find cliffs that provide impressive views and great photography locations, while the Southern part is where a lot of the bays and beaches are located. The Castle of Erice and the Temple of Concord are two of the monuments that shouldn’t be left without paying a visit. </p> <p>Visit the Doric temples of the coastal township of Agrigento or the valley of the temples. If you feel like dropping anchor and exploring the center of the island, make sure you visit Morgantina. This locality is famous for its mosaics and the charm of the “ancient Italy”. </p> <p>The city of Ciracuse is home to one of the most historically relevant Greek theaters. To the East, you will discover the city of Catania and the natural park that surrounds the volcano. Catania is the second most important city of Sicily; it has some of the most impressive churches and Cathedrals. </p> <p>The majority of sport ports of Italy are located here, since its geographic location ensures a pleasant climate for the yacht charter in Sicily throughout the entire year. Its winters are mild and warm, while its summers are hot and dry, but the sun and the nice temperatures are always there. </p> <p>Because of this, the Mediterranean climate is perfect for a yacht charter holiday. Sicily has a rich history, having been occupied by the Greeks, the Carthaginians, the Romans, Germanic tribes, and the Arabs, one can feel this vibrant cultural legacy in the local gastronomy. </p> <h2>Gastronomy</h2> <p>Sicilian cuisine is famous throughout all of Italy and has a very particular style, due to the great variety of flavors and dishes that can be found throughout Sicily. Don’t forget to try the Pizza Fritta, the Sicilian spaghetti with its famous sauce and the arancini, a type of croquette made out of rice.</p> <p>Enjoy a yacht charter in Sicily and live a unique experience on the Sicilian coast, on board a sailboat, yacht or another type of craft of your choice. Why not rent one of our luxury catamarans or yachts either bareboat or crewed and go sailing around the islands, beaches and marinas that Sicily has to offer. This Italian island will provide you with an amazing holiday and make you love to sail, don’t forget to sail to great Sicilian destinations along the coast of Sicily like Portorosa, Palermo, Egadi, Agata, the other Aeolian islands and even the other Italian island of Sardinia. </p>

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