Azimut 62

  • Motorboat - Azimut 62
  • Spend an unforgettable time with this wonderful boat on your next holiday. The Azimut 62 is one of our most exclusive and elegant yachts which is 19.2 meters long and 5.27 meters wide. It stands out for its unique and beautiful design. Its innovative shape and lines are very innovative and have inspired many other boats. Also great care has been taken in the details of the design of this boat in order to achieve an elegant final product whilst maintaining a tasteful style. This magnificent ship will let you enjoy the benefits of high-speed sailing. The Azimut 62 has two powerful engines with 914 PS (MTU), which makes it possible to achieve a top speed of up to 32 knots. The shallow draft allows you to sail close to objects and coasts and to travel through shallow channels and into more secluded beautiful bays. In addition, the yacht has large fuel tanks, which guarantees long sea voyages, in which you can travel hundreds of miles without having to refuel. It has a spacious, generously designed deck, which offers plenty of space to relax. With excellent design, the highest comfort and space - this is the perfect boat for any type of travel, whether a relaxed day trip or a relaxing vacation. The fly bridge is another feature that makes this model a perfect boat: it serves as a terrace overlooking the sea and also increases safety by providing a good view of your surroundings. On the fly bridge you will find excellent facilities, such as a large sofa behind the wheel. Also there is also a kitchenette with sink, refrigerator and grill. Behind it is a large swim platform, the perfect place to enjoy the water and sunbathe. The interiors are very spacious and decorated with a modern and functional design. The windows are also specially designed so that as much natural light as possible flow into the interior of the boat. The living area and the fully equipped kitchen have an impressive design and leave nothing to be desired. In the large living and dining area has comfortable seating for cooking, eating, relaxing, sleeping and also enough storage space for your luggage. You will be delighted by the comfortable and stylish bathroom. If you rent this yacht for your vacation, you will certainly experience an outstanding trip! Explore the sea in the stunning Azimut 62 and enjoy an extraordinary vacation! So comfortable and luxurious, you will love your holiday at sea.

    Technical specifications

    Model: Azimut 62
    Type: Motorboat
    Length: 19.2
    Beam: 5.06
    Draft: 2
    Displacement: 46000
    Motorboats: Volvo Penta
    Horse Power: 1802
    Day by day capacity: 4

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