Bavaria 34 Cruiser

  • Sailing Boat - Bavaria 34 Cruiser
  • The Bavaria 34 Cruiser has very good performance. Its folding transom platform is ideal for bathing and sunbathing—definitely something important when renting a sailboat in the summer. The Bavaria 34 has elegant and classic lines. For its size, it offers plenty of space and is the perfect boat for a small group. In addition, it has a modern and functional equipment and is completely furnished. The six hatches and big portholes in the salon allow the sun to bight up the rooms and fresh air to flow in. The cabins are very spacious and lovely decorated, but especially the forward cabin and the bathroom. The sailboat is made of the best materials and set up with high quality objects. The Bavaria 34 Cruiser has a folding swim platform that is perfect for swimming and sunbathing - definitely something useful and convenient when renting a sailboat in the summer. The cockpit of this excellent boat is very spacious to offer plenty of comfort for the captain and his crew when navigating. All control maneuvers are led to the cockpit, so the operation of the boat is very simple. Moreover, the furniture and the equipment installed in both – the interior and the exterior offers guests luxury and safety on board. In addition, the elegant and sophisticated design impresses even the most discerning guest, not least because of its functionality. In the cockpit there are two steering wheels, this solves the problem, if you have poor visibility when navigating: every time you sail with the Bavaria 34 you have the best view and a complete control of the boat and the sea ensuring your own safety and the safety of your guests. This boat has 10 meters in length, and a powerful engine with 13.9 kW / 18hp. Experience boating fun with a high velocity. Not to forget, the three well-equipped cabins for maximum comfort and a luxurious, unforgettable stay on board. The sailboat has, despite its compact design, a spacious, L-shaped kitchen, which is fully equipped and set up for the needs of 6 passengers. The boat has a width of 3.42 with a draft of 1.5 meters. Enjoy a great holiday with this wonderful boat with your partner, your family or friends. Spend a few days at sea to relax, as you have never experienced traveling before: with comfort, safety and class.

    Ficha técnica

    Modelo de embarcación: Bavaria 34 Cruiser
    Tipo de embarcación: Sailing Boat
    Length: 10.71
    Beam: 3.6
    Draft: 1.9
    Displacement: 5700
    Motorboats: Volvo Penta
    Horse Power: 18
    Plazas de día: 8

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