Bavaria 42 Vision

  • The Bavaria 42 vision is the smaller version of the Bavaria 46 Vision, and like it, it is a fine boat with consistent lines. On its deck one detail stands out: its mast has been positioned closed to the prow, achieving a spacious saloon in its interior. This boat achieves a great performance, reaching a speed above the average for sailingboats of more than 10 tons. The most noticeable feature on its deck is the asymmetrical design of its cockpit, in which the bathing ladder has been moved to a side. This brings an advantage over the usual symmetrical cockpits in these boats, since it leaves space for a L shaped area that can easily be turned in a sunbathing lounge. This distribution is not the usual in sailingboats (it can be found in most catamarans), which makes this Bavaria model a great option for nautical charter. Its interior is spacious, well lit and tastefully designed.

    Technical specifications

    Model: Bavaria 42 Vision
    Length: 12.8
    Beam: 4.05
    Draft: 2.07
    Displacement: 8283
    Motorboats: Volvo Penta
    Horse Power: 40
    Day by day capacity: 10

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