Bavaria 43 Cruiser 2009-10

  • 43B/ 3 cabins. Built year: 2010. Electric wc, microwave oven, aluminium gangway, furling m. sail, steering wheel x2, spray-hood, bimini top, wind instruments, chart plotter, cd player, cockpit speakers, 220 v shore supply & battery charger, holding tank, 2 wc, furling genoa, electric fridge, electric windlass, gps, bathing platform & deck shower, warm water, autopilot, cockpit cushions and lazy jacks

    Technical specifications

    Model: Bavaria 43 Cruiser 2009-10
    Length: 12.99
    Beam: 3.99
    Draft: 1.8
    Displacement: 9400
    Motorboats: Volvo Penta
    Horse Power: 55
    Day by day capacity: 12

Destinations where you can hire a Bavaria 43 Cruiser 2009-10

  • Yacht charter in Mykonos
  • <p>Opt for a crewed or bareboat <strong>boats charter in Mykonos</strong> and you will discover the 'Island of winds' as referred to by the locals. Located among the other Cyclades between Tinos and Naxos, and the nearest isle to the holy islet of antiquity, Delos, the isle is named after the grandson of Apollo and according to mythology its creation was the result of the calcified corpses of the giants slaughtered by Hercules. Mykonos is the most famous of the Greek isles and without doubt the most cosmopolitan of the Cyclades. It has come to be linked in people´s minds with the idea of a never-ending tourist party, but on your yacht charter in Mykonos you will appreciate that it is certainly much more than that. So go sailing in Greece in one of our yachts and go sailing in your yacht charter in the Aegean Sea and visit amazing islands, bays and luxury Greek towns on your journey. </p> <p>Since the 1960s, Mykonos has been a fashionable destination for the international jet setter, and some celebrities that were once regular visitors include Grace Kelly, Aristotle Onassis, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Brigitte Bardot. The most popular places to visit in Mykonos and nearby that we highly recommend are Rhenia, Tinos, Delos, the Cyclades and Little Venice to name but a few, there are many more places you should visit in the Aegean! Let the winds guide you around Greece and the surrounding Greek seas if you can’t decide where to go on your own yacht charter sailing vacation. Additionally, it is well worth you visiting other nearby islands such as the Cyclades and Saronic for example to experience even more sailing in Greece during your time living in luxury on your boat. </p> <h2>What to do on Mykonos</h2> <p>A yacht charter in Mykonos is the perfect way to appreciate the architecture that contrasts with the other Cyclades. For example, the capital city of Mykonos, Chora, is scattered across a wide region opposed to being built in the form of a stadium. The ancient town of Áno Merá is set near the 16th century monastery of Panayia Tourliani, and its genuine beauty, old-fashioned architecture and obvious appeal mean that this charming city is well worth a visit as part of a yacht charter holiday in Mykonos. Alefkandra, also known as Little Venice, is an exceptional 18th century district in Mykonos; the sight of the waves that spray the windows is just part of the unparalleled scenery that this district offers its visitors. Other must-see areas whilst on your yacht charter in Mykonos include the church of Panayia Paraportiani, the beautiful windmills and the rustic Matoyanni Boulevard with its chic shops. </p> <p>Make the most of your yachting break on your own crewed or bareboat yacht charter and sail around the Aegean Sea, Greek islands like the Cyclades and up and down the coast of Greece, mooring your luxury yacht at an array of beautiful beaches of your choice! Travel from island to island at your own desired speed on a bareboat or crewed luxury boat or yacht of your choice, on your yacht charter sailing holiday, you are in control! </p> <h2>The Coastline</h2> <p>The varied shorelines and coast ensures that there will never be a dull moment to your yacht charter in Mykonos: take part in a wide range of activities from relaxing on the coast to diving and snorkelling in the warm waters, as well as a number of sports. The shores of Rhenia, Mykonos, the Cyclades, Delos, Ornos, Gialos and many more places along the Greek coast including the islands and beaches in Greece are perfect for relaxing, snorkelling and swimming. </p> <h3>Super Paradise</h3> <p>Is perhaps the most famous on the entire island, with fine white sand and crystal clear waters, located just six and a half km from the main city. This is for those who want to spend their holidays dancing and drinking the days and the nights away. It is lively with a ton of parties, organized by the different bars and clubs, such as the new business Jacki’O. </p> <h3>Agios Ionnis</h3> <p>Located to the west and is just 6 km from the capital. It has perhaps the best views of the entire island, due to the vistas of Delos that you can enjoy from it. It’s a peaceful and sandy with many luxury hotels and restaurants in the area. There are several services available to you, including the possibility to rent a chairs and towels. </p> <h3>Elia</h3> <p>With an extensive golden shore, and crystal clear waters, it’s perfect for scuba diving. </p> <h3>Platys Gialos</h3> <p>If you love sports, you will find that this beach is ideal due to its infrastructure put in place for numerous water activities. The production of a Hollywood movie with the famous actress Shirley Valentine that took place here had a great positive impact on its global recognition. </p> <h2>Gastronomy</h2> <p>The Greek gastronomy is fundamentally Mediterranean, and therefore olive oil and fresh vegetable always form the main ingredients. </p> <p>Mykonos offers a large variety of fresh fish dishes that as any other Greek dish are served accompanied by the famous pita bread. Salads, cheeses and pastries are also a delicious way of discovering the Greek culture. Among the pastries and sweet you can find the famous Baklava, Turkish delight and the Loukoumades, sweet, honey bathed pastries that will not leave you indifferent. </p> <p>Mykonos is perfect for sailing a yacht charter and escaping it all where you can find a combination of relaxation and partying, its incredible beaches and its passionate nightlife makes it a haven for a yacht holiday. Don’t miss the chance to sail one of our crewed or bareboat yachts and come sailing in and around this great Greek luxury islands all the while experiencing more locations in Greece like Lavrion, Paros, Santorini, Athens, Naxos, the Cyclades and many more bays, islands and marinas, let the winds guide you! Rent one of our yachts and fall in love with your yacht charter in Mykonos as you discover an amazing vacation that everyone is talking about. </p>

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  • Yacht charter in Gocek
  • <p>A <strong> yacht charter in Gocek </strong> will offer you the chance to appreciate one of the most attractive areas of the Turkish coast, as well as one of the most famous boat clubs of the entire country, a fame that it has acquired due to the mountains, the forests and the beautiful islands that surround it. On top of enjoying the yacht charter, you will find yourself in a prime sailing location in Turkey. So set sail in Turkey on board one of our bareboat or crewed yachts and go cruising on the Turkish waves on your own yacht charter as you visit different islands, destinations and a different bay every day. </p> <p>Why not rent one of our luxurious models like a Jeanneau either crewed or bareboat and go sailing in Gocek and sail to nearby places like Dalaman, Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum, Dalyan, Lycian and many more destinations in Turkey that you wish to visit. Take your boat to any Turkish bays, islands, towns and anchorages that you want on your boat, or even sail out into the Mediterranean! You are in control of our yachts, you decide where to sail your yacht! </p> <p>Located between Fethiye and Dalyan, in the South East of Turkey and it is surrounded by a small group of 12 islands which form part of its territory. In spite of having a modest population of just 4,000 people, this city is one of the most popular destinations of Turkey for the nautical tourism, so get your flip-flops and sunscreen ready and embark on an epic journey. </p> <p>The variety of views and its unique and forest full environment, pulls in thousands of tourists every year, tourists that decide to rent a sailboat or a gullet in Turkey and enjoy of the harmony of this picturesque town. The town has made efforts to preserve its flora and fauna, limiting the construction of large hotels and resorts. Because of this, it could be said that if you are looking to discover the traditional side of Turkey, so do it on a yacht charter in Gocek. </p> <p>The climate cooperates well, leaving the area with over 300 days of sunshine that bathes the shores with an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius between the spring and the fall. In addition, the smooth tides and the mild winds that generally blow from West and Northwest, make the long summers perfect for sailboat cruising and for your yacht charter sailing holiday in Gocek. </p> <p>Gocek has a prime position in the Mediterranean along the coast of Turkey, use this to your advantage and sail to different destinations in the area. Rent one of our yachts such as a Jeanneau and visit interesting and picturesque towns, islands and ports like Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris, Dalyan and many other places on the Lycian shores. This will all add together to create one of the more memorable holidays you will ever have! </p> <h4>What to see and do</h4> <p>There is plenty to see and do on your yacht charter in Gocek. This marina town is built on the shoreline, therefore there are many places that are accessible only form a boat that you can visit throughout your nautical holidays, places like the gorgeous turquoise bays of Atbuku, Bedri Rahmi and Manastir.</p> <p>The Gobun cove is one of most acclaimed marvels in East Turkey, to which one can access by crossing through the impressive opening between the cliffs that bid you welcome. Once inside, you will be able to enjoy the views from the deck of your sailboat in an unbeatable environment. </p> <p>However, without any doubt, the most interesting option is to visit some of the 12 islands that lie out at sea near the territory. There you will enjoy at maximum of a day on the beach, snorkeling, or simply relaxing on the deck of your ship in front of a winding bay. </p> <p>Besides visiting the islands, you can go to one of the nearby towns if you would like to enjoy a sandy beach. The most famous beaches are those of the D-Resort; the Sarigerme beach, only 10 minutes away by bus, and the Inlice beach. </p> <p>The center of town will transport you directly to the past through the fascinating local culture. Take advantage of this marvelous combination between the ancient and the modern that is offered here, and enjoy the beautiful Lician area throughout your sailing holidays. <p/> <h2>Water Sports </h2> <p>The geography is perfect for watersports such as rafting through the river Dalaya, as well as canoeing and snorkeling. There are various schools that will provide you with the necessary equipment so that you can experience the wonderful marine life of the Aegean Sea. </p> <h2>Gastronomy </h2> <p>Without a doubt, you will taste some delicious food during your time on a yacht charter in Gocek. If you decide to visit Turkey, you can’t miss out on an immersion into its delicious gastronomy through the fantastic kebab and the legendary Baklava. The region in particular is famous for its fruits, in particular oranges, mandarins, lemons and bananas. </p> <p>Throughout your journey you will have the option to stop and enjoy the local gastronomy at one of the many restaurants that are located right on the shore. They are equipped to host nautical tourists and have docks available for their sailing patrons. </p> <h2>Traveling and Sailing Routes </h2> <p>One of the best trips from Gocek includes a stop in Fethiye, a city with a rich historical patrimony that is worth visiting if you want to know some of the region’s history. In addition of its history museum, Fethiye preserves the tomb of Amyntas of the year 350 A.C. On the other hand, it is also worth visiting the amazing city of Marmaris, a natural enclave full of an atmosphere in which you will be able to engage in various activities, explore coves and discover its vibrant local life. <p/> <p>Where ever you go, there will always be space for your yacht as there is over 300 moorings and anchorages, maintenance services as well as ship repair and resupply services, therefore it’s an excellent starting or ending point in your journey through Turkey. </p> <p>Choose the right boat for you and unwind on your once in a lifetime yacht charter holiday in Gocek! </p>

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