Beneteau Sense 55

  • Sailing Boat - Beneteau Sense 55
  • There is a lot of people that thought they were daydreaming when they saw the Beneteau Sense 55 for the first time. With an innovative design, both exterior and interior, designed by Berret Rocaupeau and Nauta Design, the Beneteau Sense 55 is a strong and safe boat whilst also maintaining a luxurious level of comfort. This boat is very safe and stable and other boats find it difficult to manage to match the same levels that the Sense 55 does. The specifications of this boat also add to its favourable maneuverability and ergonomic control due to its balanced dimensions (17.2 meters long, 4.97 wide and 1.90 draft). Virtually all the large deck spaces are usable. The reduced height of the hull and the absence of traditional aft cabins, benefits the boat as it allows the deck to be larger. The aft deck also has comfortable seats around a large table and plenty of room for stowage. Also the two steering wheels have folding seats, further increasing the space the aft deck has. This magnificent space is fantastic for relaxing and sunbathing, however, the area can be covered with a bimini if the baking sun becomes too hot and you need some protection. The Sense 55’s interior is gorgeous and is reminiscent of the interior of a superyacht. The abundance of light coming through hatches and windows illuminates the heart of the sailboat: the living room. With a modern wood finish, every corner of the gallery deserves a mention. First, to port, a comfortable U-shaped sofa stands around a folding table with curved corners. On one side of the sofa, in the opposite direction, a card table with lamp included is a perfect little corner to study or do some work. Moreover, the entire starboard side of the living area is occupied by the kitchen. Stylish and fully equipped (fire burners, fridge, double sink freezer, oven and numerous drawers and stowage places), its ergonomic character opens a wide space for countertop, rare in this type of boat. Similar to the living area, two cabins are located either side of the main hallway in the Sense 55, both with plenty of room and double beds, natural and artificial light and a private bathroom. Down the hall, the bow is dedicated to the spacious master bedroom, furnished with a double bed, a study area, closets and a private bathroom with a shower incorporated. All this culminates with the Sense 55 being a fantastic boat to charter for your next holiday. The spacious deck and luxurious interior will leave you wanting for nothing whilst you sail across the sea and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime.

    Technical specifications

    Model: Beneteau Sense 55
    Type: Sailing Boat
    Length: 17.2
    Beam: 4.97
    Draft: 2.35
    Displacement: 14000
    Motorboats: Yanmar
    Horse Power: 120
    Day by day capacity: 10

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