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Located on Italy’s southeastern Tyrrhenian coast, in the Campania region. It was an important maritime city during the Roman Empire, and is nowadays is a popular tourist destination, thanks to its pleasant climate, its historic architecture and its beautiful countryside. Book now with aBoatTime for an amazing Italian sailing holiday on your yacht charter in Agropoli.

Known as Ercula in Roman times, the city has long been an important commercial port in Italy. Both the Byzantines and the Saracens have left their mark on the region, with many historic monuments and ruins that you can still visit today. The main relics from the feudal era are the Castle, the San Francisco monastery and many other 16th century churches which were built in honour of Santa Maria di Constantinopoli and San Marco.

However the town is also well known for its natural beauty. On mooring your boat in the marina, you’ll be sure to notice the typical colourful houses which line the city’s coast. This area is best to visit in the morning, when the city wakes up, with the buzz of pedestrians going shopping in the city centre.

Rent one our yachts and enjoy a crewed or bareboat yacht charter holiday as you go sailing up and down the Amalfi coast of Italy whilst also giving you the chance to visit fantastic cities like Naples and the many islands that are found near Italy and Sicily. If you want to, you can even sail to Croatia and Greece on your yacht charter and spend time in a different style of marina.

Beaches and Coves

The coastline is defined by its many small coves where you can go diving or spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There is also a long chain of golden beaches which stretch to the city of Paestum.

Trentova bay

Is the most famous beach, and has for many years received the Blue Flag award from the Legambiente environmental group. This environmental award certifies that the beach complies with strict cleanliness, safety and service standards.

Cilento National Park is one of the region’s UNESCO World Heritage sites, and encompasses more than 180,000 hectares of breathtaking scenery. One of the entrances to the park is located on the edge of the city.

Sailing routes

In summer the city is one of Italy’s main tourist hubs, with many visitors attracted by yacht charters on the Cilentan Coast. There are many different sailing routes you can take, although we recommend stopping off at Salerno, the main city of the Campania region, which is located just 50 kilometres from the city.

A yacht charter is the perfect option for you if you like active holidays, as the city offers a variety of sporting activities, in its sports complexes and waterparks. It’s also home to a vibrant nightlife scene, with many great bars and clubs available.


This Italian town is home to a unique variety of local cuisine, where there are many typical Italian fresh pasta dishes, along with the popular dish of calzone pizza topped with fish freshly caught locally. A popular local dish is pizza, which is served in a wicker basket, and accompanied by a glass of the region’s wine. There are many good quality restaurants in the port area and in the centre of the town.

Agropoli Marina

We recommend visiting the coast extending south, and what better way to visit it than by yacht! The region’s main marina is one of the largest, and has space for 1,200 moorings, as well as refuelling services, shops, and many other facilities for your boat hire.

This picturesque town is perfect for a truly magnificent yacht charter in Italy. Choose the yacht or sailboat which you prefer and come to Agropoli.

This southern part of the Italian coast experiences a very hot, dry climate during its summer months as well as those either side. Average rainfall is lowest and the temperatures are highest during May to September, with average highs between 23ºC and 30ºC. Couple that with average hours of sunshine ranging from 7 to 11 hours a day during that period, this makes the season for yacht charter in Agropoli a long one, allowing you to beat the summer crowds and save money as well.

Agropoli is lucky to enjoy warm mediterranean waters all year round with the peak in August at 26ºC and never falling below 14ºC in the coldest months of winter.

A number of travel options help you get the most relaxing start to your yacht charter holiday in Agropoli.

By plane:
At 41km from Agropoli, Salerno Costa d’Amalfi Airport is connected with some national destinations such as Catania, Olbia and Milan. Naples Capodichino Airport has routes to 327 cities in 47 countries including Germany, Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, Denmark, and Canada.

By bus:
The bus line CSTP provides you with several routes to Salerno and the surrounding areas, perfect if you want to combine your yacht charter in Agropoli with day trips to other cities. For instance, the number 8 bus will get you from the airport to Salerno-Battipaglia.

By train:
The Naples-Reggio Calabria line and trenitalia provides plenty of connections to Agropoli.

By boat:
If you want to combine your yacht charter in Agropoli with a visit to another resort, Mètro del Mare operates hydrofoils and ferries from Agropoli to other seaside resorts like Camerota, Palinuro, Casal Velino, Acciaroli, San Marco, Capri and Beverello. The port in Salerno is about 59km from Agropoli and has many sea connections. For instance, Grimaldi Lines go to/from Palermo (9 hours) and Tunes (23 hours) and the Caronte & Tourist line runs to/from Messina in 8 hours.
Another option is the port in Napoli about 111 km away from Agropoli with SNAV lines taking you to/from Lipari (6 hours), Panarea (5 hours), Salina (5 hours 35 minutes), Stromboli (4 hours 30 minutes) and Vulcano (6 hours 30 minutes).

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