Yacht charter in Ajaccio

Yacht charter in Ajaccio

Yacht charter in Ajaccio, either crewed or bareboat, is a fantastic idea for a sailing holiday. Located about 390km southeast of the French coastal city of Marseille, it is Corsica’s capital and largest city. It has every charm of the typical French beach, and is located in a prime position on the island’s western coast, sheltered by a peninsula to the south. Its marina is located on the city’s eastern side, whilst the northern coast is littered with forested hills. The impressive marina is home to a wide range of yachts and boats, whose owners flock from other French ports to Corsica, which also oozes the allure of the Côte d’Azur.

Sail your crewed or bareboat yacht charter around the island of Corsica and enjoy sailing in one of our yachts while you visit some gorgeous beaches, islands and any marina you like. Some destinations such as Girolata…

What to do

Ajaccio is unusual among French coastal resorts, as a relatively low proportion of its area is urbanized. A large amount of the municipality is protected land, which has helped to prevent the urban sprawl of many other coastal resorts, and has allowed Ajaccio to retain its unspoilt nature. With a yacht charter in Corsica’s multicultural capital, you’ll be able to enjoy the area’s many sophisticated cafés, restaurants, bars and chic boutiques, as well as a fantastic marina. The old town, centered around the square Place Foch, is complete with shaded, narrow streets lined with quaint traditional Corsican houses.

Its popularity increased at the tail end of the 70s, thanks to the influx of high French society members during summer. The region’s tranquility and its beautiful countryside made it an ideal destination for high-end tourism. The city’s elegant atmosphere is still present today, and with its glamorous 20th century heritage, it has become a popular alternative destination to the Côte d’Azur.

Corsica’s capital is home to a wealth of scenic bays where you can drop anchor and enjoy a quiet evening on the coast. One of the best routes to take is the Route des Sanguinaires, which runs along the city’s southern coast and is filled with beaches and small clear water coves. At the end of the road you’ll find the famous lighthouse and a lookout point where you can see the scenic views of the coast, one of the many highlights you’ll see if you charter a yacht in Ajaccio.

If you’re a keen hiker, the region’s mountainous, wooded terrain is ideal. The Chemin des Crêtes is a beautiful nature trail which runs from the city centre to the Gulf of Ajaccio. The nearby town of Porticcio is a lively place, and is also an ideal place to visit for water sports and relaxing on the long sandy coast thanks to the favourable winds in the city’s bay and the area near Porticcio.

Finally, Corsica, one of the most stunning islands with one of the best pieces of coast, amazing islands and fantastic areas for sailing is an idyllic location for a crewed or bareboat yacht charter and sailing holiday. Use the Corsican capital as a base location to explore nearby locations along Corsica’s coast and other places in the Med such as; Girolata, Vecchio, Sardinia, Bonifacio, Bastia, Calvi and Propriano. These locations will meet your every demand on your sailing holiday in your charter yacht with an amazing marina to moor your boat in and some of the best beaches to relax on are on offer in these places!

Historic monuments

If you choose to enjoy a yacht charter holiday in Ajaccio, you’ll see lots of historical and interesting sites. Owing to its geographical location, this French Isle has been subject to many conquests, and as a result has been influenced by many different cultures over time. If you’re interested in history, we recommend visiting the Roman ruins, which were discovered just a few decades ago, and bear witness to the city’s former importance during the Roman Empire. Other places of interest are the city’s 16th century Citadel, Genoese 15th century buildings such as the Torre di a Parata and 18th century buildings.

The city’s fame derives mainly from being the birthplace of Napoleon. The former emperor’s family home, La maison Bonaparte is now a protected monument and a museum. His legacy is entrenched in the city, such as in the names of city streets, and monuments. The 16th century cathedral has records of his baptism and Eugène Delacroix’s masterpiece ‘Vierge du Sacré-Cœur’.

Corsican Cuisine

Typical Corsican cuisine is mainly made up of fresh produce and cold cuts. Corsican cold meats have a distinct flavour thanks to the strict acorn and chestnut diet of pigs bred on the island. To try authentic Corsican cuisine, visit the market in Porticcio, located in the south.

Sailing routes

You can travel on your yacht charter in Ajaccio to the famous Îles Sanguinaires, or the Bloody Islands in English. Their name derives from the purple-red colour of the rocks when seen at sunset. They have a Mediterranean climate, although this depends on the altitude, with the south of the island being colder than the north, and the east being wetter than the west.

Ajaccio is the most popular destination on Corsica and it shares the same good weather as the rest of the island. Average high temperatures during the summer months in are around 26ºC to 28ºC with days often going above 30ºC. Either side of the high season, a yacht charter in Ajaccio could be enjoyed as early as May or as late as October with pleasant temperatures around 20ºC.

Sea temperatures around Ajaccio are mild for most of the year, much like the rest of the mediterranean, with temperatures varying between 19ºC and 27ºC in the mid to high season. The warmest of these months are July and August. This would allow for you to make the most of the beautiful waters on your yacht charter holiday in Ajaccio.

A number of transport options allow you to choose the most relaxing start to your yacht charter holiday in Ajaccio.

By plane:
Ajaccio airport Campo dell’Oro is 8 km east from the heart of the city. It operates 134 routes to 38 international destinations, both European cities and countries such as Thailand or the United Arab Emirates.

By bus:
If you would like to travel around inland Corsica while on your yacht charter in Ajaccio, the following bus companies provide routes of interest:
1) Eurocorse buses go along the route Ajaccio-Propriano-Sartene-Scopetto-Porto VecchioBonifacio in a journey time of approximately 3h30m.
2) Ceccaldi buses stop in Ajaccio, Tiuccia, Cargése, Porto, Calcatoggio, Calvi, Serriera, Col de la Croix.
3) Corsica bus provides routes from Ajaccio to towns such as Bastia, Ota, Marignana and Bastelica. More information can be found on the company websites.

By boat:
SNCM ferries run to/from Marseille (9-10h) and Porto Torres (4h) Corsica ferries has services to/from Nice (6-7h) and Toulon (6h25m). La Meridionale provides ferries to /from Marseille (12h).

By car:
From the south of Corsica follow the route d’Alata, go straight to Griffi square and follow the indications to 'Gare Maritime'. If you come from Iles Sanguinaires, go along the seashore up to the Caserne Miolis which will lead you towards the signs to 'Gare Maritime'.

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