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Set sail in a crewed or bareboat boat charter in the Balearic Islands and explore Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera, which are some of the most beautiful yachting destinations in Spain and in the world. Located to the east of the Spanish coast, they have a gentle, warm climate with a pleasant average annual temperature of 19ºC throughout the year. When you book your sailing holiday you’ll have the opportunity to see the scenic beaches, blue waters, fantastic nightlife and unbeatable cuisine. Consistent sunny days, amazing landscapes and the azure ocean mean that a yacht charter in this Mediterranean destination allows you to enjoy sailing at any time of the year aboard one of our yachts.


There are a number of ports in the Balearics where you can moor or dock your boat. Some of them are:


This port is located on the northern coast of Majorca and has over 730 docks available.


This port is located at the city of Eivissa, a popular tourist destination. It has over 1,400 moorings available for recreational vessels.


This gigantic port has over 1,000 anchorages and docks distributed throughout different coastal areas.


This is the largest port of the Balearic Islands and is located in the old part of the city of Palma of Majorca.

La Savina

Located on Formentera, one of the paradises of the Balearics. It has over 150 places to dock your boat.

What to see and do in the Balearics

Sailing here is a unique and exciting experience, thanks in part to the diverse nature. Visit the Pityusics for their party atmosphere and their relaxing beaches. Visit Mallorca for its lovely shores and rich culture and its beautiful blue ocean.

Ibiza is one of Europe’s most visited destinations, and Europe’s most notorious party destination. However besides its lively atmosphere, its home to beautiful coves and long idyllic golden sandy beaches, ideal for visiting on your hired boat. Some of the best clubs in Europe can be found in Ibiza, distributed between San Antonio and Playa dén Bossa, with the most incredible parties. Ibiza really is the perfect destination for your sailing holidays.

Majorca is widely known as the most elegant of the Balearic Islands, and its capital, Palma de Mallorca, holds up this reputation in its modern and lively yet conservative typical coastal style. Try the region’s delicious shellfish and relax on your yacht, whilst sailing past the coast, with its long, sandy beaches. Book your Majorca yacht charter holiday now and pick up your boat in Palma’s marina.

Sailing is the best way to see the natural and protected landscape, which is designated in its entirety as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Also known as the ‘White Isle’, for its luminous sky throughout the year, charter one of our yachts in Menorca and sail with views of mountains and beautiful shores with a pleasant local atmosphere.

Formentera is the least populated of the islands and the most idyllic. Ideal for relaxing on the beach, time seems to stop on this almost prehistoric island, with its breathtaking landscapes and beaches. You can anchor your boat in a secluded cove or on Ses Illetes Beach, where the water is so clear you can almost see the sea floor.

The winds are strong enough to allow pleasant sailing, but at the same time waters are calm, making sailing not too difficult for novices. This combined with the constant warm temperatures make the Balearics an ideal place for yacht charter all year round.

The Balearics have it all; water sports, relaxing days on well-known waterfronts, secluded coves, luxury superclubs, bars with an incredible environment both day and night. There is also an amazing selection of Mediterranean food, with specialities such as shellfish, “sobrassada”, a local type of sausage, or ensaimadas, typical Majorcan pastries.

Despite the relatively short distance between the isles and cities, they are very different, each one has its own unique allure. You’ll find everything you could imagine, and be able to experience the rich history, with its Gothic castles, museums, and historic streets; and the famous Spanish nightlife, offering you a wide variety of entertainment options on your yacht charter.

Why not take advantage of your yacht charter in the Balearic Islands to appreciate the culture and history? In Majorca, take a visit to the Caves of Drach and take a guided tour of the underground caverns and lake which ends in a classical music performance. Get away from the tourist areas in Ibiza and explore places such as its old town, or the UNESCO World Heritage site Punic necropolis of El Puig des Molins.

For total relaxation, spend the day on the more secluded seashores, or take a guided walk along the unspoilt seaside of Menorca. Wherever you choose to sail to in your boat, a yacht charter provides the perfect base to enjoy the Mediterranean experience.

Beaches and coves

The four islands have a total of 370 beaches, and you’ll be amazed by their beauty, with the typical white sand, rocks, turquoise waters and the surrounding pine forests.

Caló d'es Moro, Majorca

A sandy cove located close to the Cala Llombards suburbs in Santanyi. It is a small cove with difficult access. There is stone staircase that takes you directly to the crystal clear sea within this cove.

Cala Varques, Mallorca

A very small cove located between the suburbs of Cales de Majorca and Cala Romantica, with a sandy beach and a hidden entrance. Due to its small size it is recommended to enter it early in the day to avoid the larger crowds.

Caló d'es Mort, Formentera

A small cove located on the southeastern coast. It stretches out from the Maryland hotel to a small wave breaker with a dock. This part of the beach is hard to reach, because of this, it has been designated a nudist area.

Platges de Comte, Ibiza

It is a small conglomeration of beautiful shores of sand and rocks located on the island of Eivissa in the Sant Josep municipality. On the right side of the beach there is a small dock with another official name (Racó d'es Puig d'es Fornàs) where ships from Sant Antoni arrive to dock. On the left side of the beach there is a nudist area called Racó d'en Xic.

Llentrisca cove, Ibiza

A small rocky cove surrounded by little fishermen huts, located just 3 km from Es Cubells in Sant Josep.

Escorxada cove

A cove with a white sand beach located to the west of Sant Tomas suburbs, in the municipality of Migjorn Gran. It is a protected area for its archeological and botanic importance.

Macarelleta beach

It is a small cove to the west of Macarella. It is a beautiful area surrounded by cliffs and a forest. It can be accessed the same way as Macarella and it has two parking lots.

Currency and language

Just like the rest of Spain, the Euro is used as currency, while the official languages are the Castellano and Catalan.

Natural Parks

There is an incredibly diverse landscape in terms of nature, with a large number of animals and plants that populate the area. Each and every one of the islands is a natural paradise in itself, and all are worth a visit. Some of the natural parks include:

Salines d'Eivissa i Formentera natural park

This natural park is located in between the two Pitiusas islands. It is noteworthy due to its underwater part, which has been declared a Human Heritage site by the UNESCO.

Es Vedrà, Es Vedranell & los islotes de Poniente

This natural reserve is located in the south-west and is characterized by the large diversity of animals, plants and landscapes that it holds.

Sierra de Tramuntana

This is an ideal natural park for any mountain climbing enthusiasts. It is home to the Puig Mayor, with an altitude of 1,445 meters.

De Cabrera Archipelago

The islands of Cabrera are perfect for sailing and scuba diving. The blue sea will allow you to enjoy its rich underwater ecosystem.

Dragonera Island

Its only accessible by boat, and it constitutes one of the most spectacular natural areas in the area.


The traditional diet of the Balearics are full of variety and flavors, as a result of the local, fresh fishing and farming. From the typical Majorcan rice dishes, delicious shellfish, fish and cuscus, Formentera’s famous fish salads, to the delicious ensaimada pies from Ibiza, The Balearic cuisine will not let you go hungry or wanting for more!

Sailing holidays in the Balearic Islands are becoming more and more common. Here, you can find all kinds of boat models for hire, including sailboats, motorboats and catamarans, in both bareboat and skippered yacht charter options. Without a doubt, boat charter in the Balearic Islands offers everything you’ll need for a perfect sailing holiday. Spend a week or more living in luxury on your crewed or bareboat yacht charter—there is plenty to see, do and experience in these wonderful islands of Spain!

The climate in the Balearic Sea are warm almost all year round with average monthly highs ranging from 15ºC in winter to 30ºC in summer. The season generally lasts from April through to November, depending on the island. Warm sea temperatures of 14ºC in winter to 26ºC in summer mean that yacht charter in the Balearic Islands is extremely popular.

Average temperatures

The average temperatures of the Balearic islands during the peak months are:

  • May - 24ºC

  • June - 28 ° C

  • July - 30

  • August - 30

  • September - 27 ° C

  • October - 22 ° C

Daily sunshine hours

Half hours of sun a day during the peak months are:

  • May - 13

  • June - 13

  • July - 13

  • August - 12

  • September - 10

  • October - 8

By plane

There are three main Balearic Islands with an airport, all with access by domestic, international and budget airlines. During the high summer season the flights are very reasonably priced and is, without doubt, the best time to enjoy a boat charter in the the Balearic Islands.

Mallorca Airport: Palma airport is called Sant Juan and is located just 8 km from the centre of the city and close by to the bay area of el Arenal.
Ibiza Airport: this airport is found 7.5 km from the city of Ibiza and is perfectly connected with the centre. If you choose to travel to the city by taxi it will take approximately 20 minutes. Instead you could opt for the bus service as they take around 30 minutes and are a cheaper option.

Menorca Airport: this airport is found in between Mahón and the town of Sant Lluís on San Clemente road and 4.5 km to the southwest of of the island capital. It is the island’s only airport and is located 45 km from Ciutadella.

By boat

It is possible to travel to the balearic islands by boat from Valencia, Barcelona or Dénia. There are various public ferry routes from the peninsula to Mallorca and Ibiza for very affordable prices. You can travel with or without a car as they are very large boats. The easiest method is to buy your tickets online beforehand as during the high season this form of transport to the islands is very popular due to the level of comfort and low journey cost. One way takes approximately 6-8 hours.

By car

Although the journey by car is longer than by plane it is possible to travel by ferry to the Balearic Islands from Barcelona, Valencia or Dénia. It would suffice to drive to one of these three cities and buy a ticket on the boat, however, during the summer months the best option is to pre-book your tickets online as places for travellers with cars are limited. If you decide to fly to one of the islands’ airports it is possible and easy to rent a car and drive yourself to the port or travel around the island. All of the airports have car rental offices with international companies with whom you can sign up on the day or beforehand online.

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