Yacht charter in Biograd

Yacht charter in Biograd

This port city is situated on Dalmatia’s northern coastline, near the Sveta Katarina Islands and the Kornati archipelago. It is renowned as one of Europe’s sailing paradises, due to its beautiful shores, the favourable sailing conditions of the Adriatic Sea and its warm sunny climate throughout most of the year. Discover one of Croatia and Europe’s most picturesque medieval cities on youryacht charter in Biograd. Why not rent one of the luxurious Jeanneau or Bavaria models and fall in love with sailing on one of our yacht charters in the amazing sailing destination of Biograd on board one of aBoatTime’s great boats.

Biograd’s seafaring tradition is one of its main features, and makes it a popular location for regattas, nautical competitions and sailing. The coast is long and meandering, and thus has many interesting sailing routes for yacht charters in Croatia. Biograd features interesting locations close by, nearby small islands to discover and is an excellent starting point for a sailing trip in Croatia. Moreover, some examples of Mediterranean destinations that you could sail to on your crewed or bareboat yacht charter are Kornati, Zadar, Trogir, Dubrovnik and even more places in the Adriatic, Dalmatia and the rest of the Croatian coastline including many islands.

What to do

One of the main attractions is its rich cultural heritage. Until the Middle Ages, the city was Croatia’s capital, and during the 10th century, the seat of the monarchy. Due to its strategic importance, many civilisations have invaded and laid claim to Biograd over the years, such as the Venetians in the 12th century and the Turkish in the 17th century. Its rich cultural heritage is a direct result of these occupations, and many archaeological relics from these periods can be found in the museum, whilst on your yacht charter in Biograd.

If you set sail on your very own sailing holiday in Biograd, Croatia and the Adriatic Coast, you will be unlocking an area that will give you an amazing holiday! Take one of our crewed or bareboat yachts and go sailing in places like Zadar, Trogir, Dubrovnik, Kornati and many other places in Dalmatia and along the Adriatic coast. These areas have some fantastic ports for you to moor your boat in during your time on your yacht charter in Biograd.

What to see

In the evening, the seafront promenade becomes one of the city’s premier nightlife destinations, with many bars and clubs which open at dusk. Both the bars and clubs of the area make for an unforgettable night, it’s common for places to stay open until the early hours of the morning. You’ll fall in love with the city from the moment you arrive. When you sail in Croatia, one of the first things you’ll notice is the typical architecture of southeastern Europe, such as the quintessential white houses with red tiled rooves, clustered in the city centre.


There are some fantastic ports in the area, the most important and popular are:

  • Sangulin Marina
  • This marina has the capacity of boats with a maximum length of 80.00 meters and a maximum draft of 4.50. In addition, it has a lot of services available to users.

  • Marina Kornati
  • This port has a capacity of 750 boats with a maximum length of 23 meters and a maximum draft of 65. It also includes several amenities for users.

Biograd’s Coastline

The beaches are idyllic destinations for relaxing, with crystal clear waters, golden sand and wooded areas. The most popular are the following:

  • Drazica Beach
  • A 300 metre long Blue Flag certified beach, flanked by a pine forest where you can picnic after swimming in the vivid blue sea.

  • Kumenta Beach
  • Is a small and quiet beach, where you can relax in the sun and escape the crowds.

  • Crvena Luka
  • Located 3 kilometres from the city and can be reached by car or public transport. It is one of Croatia’s idyllic and top-rated pieces of coast for visiting on your yacht charter in Biograd.

Natural Reserves

Surrounded by wonderful natural landscapes: this city is located close to some stunning natural areas. Some of them are:

  • Kornati
  • Consists of a total of 147 islands, and some of its main tourist attractions are the “krune” or crowns, big cliffs with dizzying heights.

  • Krka
  • Declared a National reserve in 1985, this place is situated along the river of the same name. It is famous for its high waterfalls (some 30 meters tall) and its large lake.

  • Telascica

    Located at the entrance of Kornati National Park, this place has the longest cliff in the Adriatic Sea, Grpašćak cliff, and a salty lake whose waters change with the tides.


You’ll find a variety of local restaurants in the city centre and port area, serving fresh seafood, Mediterranean salads and pizzas, due to the heavy Italian influence on the region. Selected yacht charter centres also house small restaurants where you can enjoy an evening meal once you’ve moored your yacht.

There are two main places to moor your boat in and around Biograd, Marina Kornati and Segulin Marina. Both are open throughout the year, making it easy to moor your yacht whenever you travel to Croatia. If you choose to charter a yacht in Biograd, you can also spend the night in either one of these marinas.

Visiting this coastal city on a Croatian yacht charter holiday guarantees the best sailing experience in the Adriatic Sea and one of the best sailing destinations in Europe! Sailing and spending your days on the Adriatic Riviera will make your yacht charter the trip of a lifetime. Relax in beach clubs, try the region’s delicious seafood cuisine and take in the breathtaking landscapes of Croatia. Enjoy the sun, sea and sand in Croatia without the crowds and immerse yourself in the local culture with a yacht charter in Biograd.

Biograd, like all of the Dalmatian coast enjoys a long warm summer with June through September providing average temperatures ranging between 22ºC and 25ºC making yacht charter in Biograd during this time the a great option as the winter months can drop as low as 5ºC and are also the rainiest. The wind levels during spring and autumn are ideal for cruising and making the most of this stunning region on your yacht charter in Biograd whilst the temperatures are quite pleasant as early as May. It would also mean avoiding any summer crowds.

Average temperatures

Biograd´s monthly average temperatures during the peak months are:

  • May - 16 ℃

  • June - 20 ℃

  • July - 23 ℃

  • August - 23 ℃

  • September - 19 ℃

  • October - 15 ℃

Daily hours of sun

The daily hours of sun during the peak months in Biograd are:

  • May - 15

  • June - 16

  • July - 15

  • August - 13

  • September - 12

  • October - 10

A variety of travel options are available to ensure a relaxing start to your yacht charter holiday in Biograd.

By plane

The closest airport is in Zadar (20 km), about 9 km from the city’s center. All the buses from the airport go to the central bus station, which is well-connected with practically all the major cities, both in Croatia and the rest of Europe. The airport serves 16 European destinations, including UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Denmark, Belgium, Norway and Sweden, which will facilitate the start of your yacht charter holiday in Biograd. In 2012, the average traffic in this airport was of about 371,256 passengers.

By bus

There are good bus connections between Biograd, Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and Dubrovnik. By bus, Biograd can be easily reached from Zadar. Zadar and Split are well connected by buses that travel along the Dalmatian coast and some of them along the new Croatian highway. The estimated travelling time between these cities differs from 2.5-4 hours depending on the chosen route. The buses that take the highway will go faster, or if you choose to go around the beautiful coastal road,and appreciate the views before your yacht charter holiday in biograd, the distance from Split to Zadar is 170 km. All the buses operating on this route move along magnificent landscapes and views. You can see several spectacular cities such as Trogir, Primosten, Vodice and Biogradnamoru will be your final destination. Take into consideration when booking your yacht charter vacation in Biograd that some buses operate only during high season.

By train

Zadar and Biograd are well-connected with all the main European cities through Knin train station. The estimated distance between these two cities is around 25 km. Keep in mind that there are no train connections between Split and
Biograd, the alternative would be Željezničkastanica Bibinje, located roughly 25 km from Biograd.

By boat

One of the most popular routes is from Ancona (Italy) to Zadar. Several ferries operate from Zadar, Bari, Triest, Ancona, Rijeka, Venice, Dubrovnik and Split on a daily basis. During high season, nearly all the ferry boats sail with more frequency, which makes this a good option to reach your yacht charter holiday in Biograd. If you are a big group, you can book a journey without any additional stops.

By car

Croatia has great access by car from neighbouring countries such as Austria, Slovenia and Italy. The highways in Croatia form the main transport network. Therefore, in order to get to your yacht charter holiday in Biograd from Austria, you should drive from Graz to Zagreb and then turn to Biograd. In the case of Slovenia, it is better to follow the highway that connects Ljubljana and Biograd through Zagreb or Rijeka. If you are in Italy, drive to Trieste, then change direction to Rijeka and you will reach Biograd. It takes only 30 min to get to Zadar from Sibenik, about one hour from Split, about 2 from Makarska and, 3 from Zagreb.

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