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Yacht charter in British Virgin Islands

A Yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is all you need to have a care-free holiday! So rent one of our crewed or bareboat yacht charters or maybe a catamaran and begin your sailing holiday in the Caribbean as the Caribbean winds sail you around one of the best sailing holiday destinations in the world!

This beautiful British overseas territory, situated to the east of Puerto Rico, was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493. It was joint Spanish and Dutch territory until the English invaded the islands in 1672. The islands’ capital is Road Town, and the official language is English, although Spanish is spoken by Puerto Ricans and Dominicans who live on the island.


Mooring our boat in the existing ports of this islands is always an option. Some of the places where it's possible to do so are:

  • North Latitude Marina
  • Located on the island of Jost Van Dyke, in the Great Harbor. It has 20 berths in which the maximum length permitted is 30 meters and the maximum draft is 3.6 meters.

  • The Inner Harbour
  • Found in Road Town, Tortola. It has capacity to host 30 ships with a maximum draft of 7 meters and a maximum length of 60. Tortola is an interesting part of the Caribbean and you should definitely explore the island when you are renting one of our yachts on your sailing holiday!

  • Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour
  • Located on the famous island of Virgin Gorda, and has a capacity of 111 berths. The maximum draft of the boats it can host is 7.6 meters and the maximum length is 49 meters. The island of Gorda has a stunning Natural Park and Spanish Town, a fun place to visit, is located on the island too.

  • The Moorings Mariner Inn
  • This marina is also located in Tortola, in Road Town. It has capacity for 130 boats with a maximum length of 55 meters and a maximum draft of 9.

What to do

The BVI archipelago comprises more than 40 islands, with Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda and Anegada being the most populated and well known. The other smaller islands are also ideal locations for day trips, with their beautiful shores and exciting bars which are just a short distance away, all being at your fingertips if you choose a yacht charter in the BVI.

The archipelago is one of the most popular destinations for yacht charter for many reasons: The steady winds allow you to enjoy the islands’ many beautiful white sand shorelines and moor your yacht in one of the picturesque bays. You also have the opportunity to discover the many places where you can go diving and snorkelling amongst coral formations and colourful fish.

The islands have a sub-tropical climate, with an average annual temperature of between 25ºC and 29ºC which is ideal for practicing a wide variety of water sports, sunbathing or simply going for a walk along the beach. The steady winds and fantastic sailing conditions throughout the year make a yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands an ideal option. Also, thanks to the Virgin Islands’ many surrounding islands, they are protected from strong Atlantic tides which makes sailing a pleasant and easy experience.

The Caribbean is not only renowned for its long white sandy beaches, but also for the diverse marine life in its seas. There are many different places to go diving in the BVI, ideal for all experience levels. Diving schools in the Caribbean are a popular attraction for the thousands of tourists who flock to the islands every year, and highly recommended for inexperienced divers.

A yacht charter offers you the freedom to choose your favourite vessel and plan with your skipper the best voyage possible.

The BVI Coastline

There are many places to visit, from sandy coastlines to a magnificent cultural heritage. Some of the important and some of our favourite are:

  • Road Town
  • The capital of the island, it is located in Tortola, the largest island of the archipelago. It is also the main port on the islands, making it the best place to start your yacht charter as most charter yachts are moored here.

  • Tortola
  • A legendary island of pirate folklore, it is a must see Caribbean island due to its unique landscapes and its laid-back, friendly inhabitants. You’ll find it hard to believe what a paradise you’re in on your yacht charter.

  • Anegada
  • Although all of the British Virgin Islands are renowned for their diverse flora and fauna, Anegada is widely regarded as the best for seeing the abundant local wildlife, due to its low population density and it being the archipelago’s only coral island. Anegada is home to a variety of marine species, such as Parrotfish, Needlefish, Sea Bream and Stingray. For those who are interested in the island’s pirate heritage, there are guided diving tours of old Spanish shipwrecks that are scattered around Anegada.


  • The Bath
  • Located in Virgin Gorda, it is one of the best in the eastern part of the Caribbean. It looks like a paradise, with white sand and surrounded by blue water. Through its rocky paths it is possible to go from one beach to another and see the wild fauna of the island.

  • Josiah´s Bay
  • On the outer part of East End, in Tortola, it is probably the best place in the islands to practice surf. From October to April it is the best time to find the perfect wave.

  • Trunk Bay
  • Beach located in St. John: white sand, blue water and goldfish underwater. Surrounded by all kinds of exotic plants, this beach is the perfect place for some days away from the routine on a boat in the BVI.

Natural Parks

Below the surface of the islands’ waters, lie the marvels of the warm Caribbean Sea, such as amazing flora, colourful fish, turtles, manta rays, sharks and dolphins. If you choose a yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands in winter, you’ll also be able to see humpback whales, as they come to mate in Sir Francis Drake Channel at this time of year. Whether you’re just learning to dive, or are an experienced diver, you can’t miss out on this opportunity. There is a huge variety of natural parks in these islands (21!) and some of them are:

  • Cam Bay
  • Recognised as national park in 1999, it is located in the northern coast of Camanoe Grande. It is formed by an enormous reef and lagoon system. In addition, it has calm waters, goldfish and a spectacular marine environment, perfect to go snorkelling in. If you need any lessons or training before your go snorkelling, there are plenty of affordable schools!

  • Sage Mountain
  • This natural park is located in Tortola, and was recognised as natural park in 1964. The highest point of the BVI is located in it, and it has a wide variety of plants.

  • Devil's Bay
  • On the south western zone of Virgin Gorda's island, it has beautiful beaches where you can relax and enjoy nature. In addition, it is possible to anchor the boat and watch the landscape from our boat.

  • Diamond Cay
  • This place was declared national park in 1991, and it is located in Jost Van Dyke. The island of Jost van Dyke is famous for the huge quantity of birds that it hosts, apart from the rest of the fauna that live here.


The currency used is the American dollar. Credit cards are accepted in most places, but not in all of them.

Gastronomy and Cuisine

Caribbean cuisine is something you can’t afford to miss if you opt for yacht charter in the Caribbean. Fish, shellfish and spicy dishes are the islands’ specialities. If you’re a fan of tropical fruits, don’t miss out on mangos, pineapples and coconuts, all of which are abundant on the islands, and present in many of the typical cocktails. “Fungi” is typical British Virgin Islands, and is a cornmeal dish often made with okra.

These Caribbean islands are one of the favourite destinations for sailing enthusiasts. Enjoy fantastic sailing conditions and the islands’ laid-back atmosphere, with our yacht charter offers in the islands. There’s so much to discover on the islands that we’re sure your yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands will be an unbeatable experience!

One of the many advantages of a yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands is a year round tropical climate, with the average air temperature fluctuating between 25ºC in January and 28ºC in August. This makes a yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands possible whenever you please which can save money and allow you to beat the summer crowds by visiting in what would usually be considered the low season.
The water temperatures are also remarkably consistent, with minor variations between 26ºC in winter and an extremely pleasant 29ºC in the summer.

Average Temperatures

In the British Virgin Islands we can find this average temperatures in summer:

  • May – 27ºC

  • June – 29ºC

  • July – 30 ºC

  • August – 31 ºC

  • September – 31 ºC

  • October – 30 ºC

Hours of sunlight

It is important to take into account, in order to sail, the amount of hours of sunlight per day. the average daily hours of sunlight per month in summer in the British Virgin Islands are:

  • May – 13

  • June – 13

  • July – 13

  • August – 13

  • September – 12

  • October – 12

You can travel by boat or plane to the islands to begin your relaxing yacht charter holiday in the British Virgin Islands.

By plane

This is undoubtedly the best way to access the archipelago and the start of your yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands. There are three airports: the main one is the Terrence B International Lettsome Airport, located on Beef Island, very close to Tortola. Virgin Gorda Airport is a small airport with few facilities, and the tiny airport of Captain Auguste George is located on Anegada and intended for charter flights.
There are no direct flights operated to the British Virgin Islands from Europe, Canada or the USA for the reason that the three airports are small and not intended for receiving large aircraft.
Most international flights arriving from North America involve changing planes in San Juan in Puerto Rico. The majority of flights from Europe involve changing planes in either Antigua (for those arriving from the UK) or Saint Martin (for those coming in from the Netherlands and France), from where you can fly to your destination and the start of your yacht charter holiday in the British Virgin Islands.

By boat

There is a good ferry service connecting several destinations from the British Virgin Islands (like Tortola, Virgin Gorda, and Jost Van Dyke) with the US Virgin Islands (St Thomas and St John). You can easily catch a ferry at almost any time of day, and combine a visit to the US Virgin Islands with your yacht charter holiday in the British Virgin Islands. Besides that, Tortola is a common stop for large cruise ships. At least one or two of these per day arrive at the port of Road Town.


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