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Caribbean yacht charter - Boat rental in the islands

Set sail in the Caribbean and experience its unique charm that’s not found anywhere else in the world. On your Caribbean yacht charter, you’ll discover the deep blue waters, tropical breeze, and palm lined white-sand beaches aboard one of aBoatTime’s yachts, sailboats or catamarans. Is this not paradise on earth?

What to do in the Caribbean

There are more than 700 Caribbean islands scattered between the Gulf of Mexico, the south-eastern coast of the United States, Central America and the northern coast of South America, and are divided into the Greater and Lesser Antilles. So rent one of our bareboat or crewed yachts and go on an adventure hopping between the islands! They are located in the northern Caribbean Sea, and include well-known islands such as Cuba, the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica, amongst others. Here you’ll find a lush jungle paradise, typical of this tropical climate, and rugged terrain, with long mountain ranges.

In the Lesser Antilles, located near Venezuela’s coast, there are numerous small tropical islands, with long sandy beaches, such as the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Tortola, Antigua and Barbuda, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Sint Maarten, St Lucia, Grenada, Aruba and Guadeloupe. If you’re looking for a quiet and relaxing trip, the Caribbean is an unbeatable destination for sailing during the winter and spring months. Sailing conditions during this season are mild, with calm waters and no strong winds. You’ll be able to benefit from the warm weather, with an average temperature of 25ºC, whilst appreciating the marvellous surrounding landscapes, without a care in the world. Cancun is an amazing place as well, in which it is possible to visit many touristic points such as the Cenote Dos Ojos, a group of amazing caves and natural channels in which it is possible to swim. In addition, the Cenote Ik Kil is another wonderful place located in the area: it is a Cenote with two waterfalls and hanging vegetation that reaches the water, so it constitutes the perfect place to practice your snorkelling and diving. Furthermore, in Cancun it is possible to find some of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean, including some stunning coral reefs.

If you prefer the nightlife, every island is prepared to host the travelers and offer them the best local atmosphere, although the most popular island is, without a doubt, Jost Van Dyke, close to Tortola and Saint John.

In every island of the Caribbean you will find surf, waterski or deep sea fishing camps. However, the most popular sport is snorkel, because of the big variety of possibilities of the transparent and full of live waters. In addition, in Anegada, you will enjoy the enormous breathtaking coral reefs.

One of our most popular yacht charter destinations is the British Virgin Islands archipelago. Here you can do things at any time of the day, such as visiting Virgin Gorda's beautiful crystal clear waters, and going diving in Anegada and exploring its amazing coral reefs. The British Virgin Islands are a wonderful archipelago full of life and wonderful landscapes that are worth visiting with your boat. St Martin, on the other hand, is full of amazing spots such as the Simpson Bay lagoons and the Natural Park of the Reserve Naturelle. In addition, you will also have the possibility of seeing amazing creatures such as Sailfish, eagle rays, whale sharks, pelicans and egrets.

What to see in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a place with a unique cultural heritage: from pre-Columbian to later times. In this area it is possible to find archaeological sites, monuments or buildings of paramount importance in the current era. Some of the places to visit in the Caribbean are:

  • La Habana
  • Founded by the Kingdom of Spain and appointed a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Some of the places to visit here are “la Habana Vieja”, “Vedado”, “Miramar”, “Centro Habana” and “El Malecón”. Other places to visit are the “Plaza de la Revolución” and Columbus´ graveyard.

  • Cancun
  • Located in Mexico, it is the place where you can visit the archeological places of Chichén Itzá and Cobá or the Art Subaquatic Museum, among others.

  • San Juan
  • A city in Puerto Rico with a long history in which we can visit, among other places, the Museum of America or the Cathedral.

Caribbean Beaches and Coves

The Caribbean’s exotic and clear blue shores are one of the reasons nautical tourism is so popular. Nowhere else in the world provides such expansive beaches with such clear blue green waters. The most popular are the following:

  • The Baths
  • One of the most visited places in the British Virgin Islands, and consists of a long coastline, comprising long volcanic beaches, natural swimming pools and caves where you can go diving. Here you’ll find the Stone Bay and Devil’s Bay.

  • Red Bay
  • Relax here throughout the day, thanks to the island’s pleasant climate. At the end of the beach, you’ll find a small rocky cove, where you can swim amongst the extraordinary marine life.

  • Friars’ Bay Beach
  • During the day it’s the perfect place for swimming and sunbathing. However in the evening, the beach promenade becomes St Martin’s premier night time destination, with plenty of bars and clubs. Among the myriad of parties that take place every day, we recommend visiting the Full Moon Party at Kali’s Beach Bar.

If you prefer spending the day partying, all the islands of the Caribbean offer exciting attractions, and a pleasant local atmosphere, although the most popular of them all is the small island of Jost Van Dyke, located near to Tórtola and St John.

Natural Parks

The main touristic attraction of the Caribbean is its natural wealth and landscapes. Some of the most important Natural Parks in the area are:

  • Xel-Ha Park
  • This park, located in Cancun, is one of the most popular in the region. It is the perfect place to practice snorkel because of its marine diversity.

  • Garrafón Natural Park
  • This natural reserve located in Mujeres island has some of the most wonderful landscapes, as well as a huge variety of animal and plant species.

  • Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Natural Park
  • This National Park, located in Colombia, has more than 383,000 hectares. It is the cradle of the Tayrona, a civilization that existed in Colombia.

  • Natural Wildlife Refuge Gandoca-Manzanillo
  • This park is located on the western area of Costa Rica, right next to the Caribbean sea shore. It has a wide variety of landscapes. It’s most important ecosystems are its golden sands and its wetlands: swamps, lagoons, flooded forests, reefs and algae.


In the Caribbean there is a huge variety of ports to moor our boat. Some of the ports where we can do so are:

  • Nassau, Paradise Island Charter Dock
  • This port, located in the Bahamas, has 50 berths with a draft of 3 meters and a length of 30.

  • Puerto Limón
  • Located in Costa Rica, it can host boats up to 9 meters long and a maximum draft of 5.

  • Oranjestad
  • Located on the western part of Aruba, it is the most important port in the country. It is right next to the airport, and receives a lot of touristic cruises every year.

  • Port of Saint Martin
  • The port of St Martin has a big capacity to host boats of every size and shape, as well as berths for boats with a medium size: from sailboats to motorboats and catamarans.

Water Sports

You’ll find numerous windsurf and water ski schools as well as the opportunity to go deep sea fishing in any of the Caribbean’s islands. However, the most popular water sport is snorkelling, thanks to the large number of clearwater beaches with abundant marine life. In addition, in Anegada, you’ll be able to see breathtaking coral formations, formed millions of years ago during your time spent on one of our charters.


Every country has its own currency, here we can see some of them:

  • Antigua and Barbuda:Eastern Caribbean dollar.

  • Bahamas: Bahamian Dollar.

  • Barbados: Barbadian dollar.

  • Cuba: Cuban peso.

  • Dominica: East Caribbean dollar.

  • Granada: East Caribbean dollar.

  • Haiti: Haitian gourde.

  • Jamaica: Jamaican Dollar.

  • Dominican Republic: Dominican peso.

  • St Kitts and Nevis: East Caribbean dollar.

  • St Vincent and the Grenadines: East Caribbean dollar.

  • St. Lucia: East Caribbean dollar.

  • Trinidad and Tobago: Trinidad and Tobagan dollar.

Caribbean Cuisine

Typical dishes that you’ll find on your Caribbean yacht charter include rice and sauces made from tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple, papaya and avocado. Why not also try the seafood salads with citrus fruits and chilli.

The list of things to do in the Caribbean on our yacht charters is endless. Enjoy the freedom of sailing to the spectacular islands of the Caribbean and their beaches, warm waters and friendly locals whose hospitality is renowned worldwide. It’s no secret why people visit the Caribbean again and again, as it is an unforgettable destination and made even better when you take on of our crewed or bareboat yachts and sail around the islands yourself!

One of the main attractions of the Caribbean is its year round tropical climate, with the average air temperatures fluctuating between 25ºC in January and 28ºC throughout the entire year. This makes a yacht charter in the Caribbean possible whenever you please which can save money and allow you to beat the crowds of the summer.

The water temperatures are also remarkably consistent with minor variations between 26ºC in winter and an extremely pleasant 29ºC in the summer making watersports a great addition to your yacht charter in the Caribbean all year round.

Average Temperatures

The Caribbean has optimal weather conditions the most part of the year. The average temperatures of the Caribbean are:

  • May – 30ºC

  • June – 30ºC

  • July – 31ºC

  • August – 30ºC

  • September – 30ºC

  • October – 30ºC

Daily hours of sun

The average daily hours of sun in the Caribbean during summer are:

  • May – 13

  • June – 13

  • July – 13

  • August – 13

  • September – 12

  • October – 12

By Plane:

For getting to the Caribbean Islands to start your yacht charter, the best option is to purchase flights to the following airports:

  • Saint Martin:
  • there are two airports on this island, one to the north and another to the south. The northern airport is called L’Esperance and belongs to the french part of the island. The southern airport is called Princess Juliana and belongs to the dutch part. Normally the tourist flights land at the Princess Juliana since it is St. Martin’s international airport and also connects with other small neighbouring islands known as the Leeward Islands (Anguilla, Saba, St. Barts and St. Eustatius)

    • British Virgin Islands:
    • The international airport on the British Virgin Islands is called Terrance B. Lettsome International airport and can be found on the island of Tortola. On the Virgin Gorda island, there is another international airport situated only 7 km from the city and with a wide variety of flights. On the island of Anegada you will find the Auguste George Airport although the number of flights is minimal.


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