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Rent boats in Corsica for your next summer holiday, and discover its golden beaches and picturesque coves in the best way possible on one of our luxurious bareboat or crewed yachts. Corsica is a beautiful French island, and despite its popularity, it has resisted mass tourism, and the mass urbanisation often linked with this. With yacht charter in Corsica, you’ll have the opportunity to sail where you want, in the highest comfort all around the Mediterranean and French waters.

Corsica’s history dates back to the Roman era, with previous conquests by the Vandals, Saracens and Pisans. Finally in 1755, after a lengthy revolution, the Corsicans gained independence. However 9 years later the French quietly bought Corsica. Despite its French sovereignty, the Corsicans have a distinct culture, with differences in dialect, and cuisine for example.

When sailing in Corsica on your hire boat, you’ll discover a wide variety of different landscapes, such as the Monte Cinto, located on the northern half of the island. It is the highest point in Corsica, and reaches around 2,700 metres in height. In contrast, on the southern half of Corsica you’ll find flat countryside and more tourist-orientated destinations, with a warm Mediterranean climate.

The long and relaxing shores are distributed along the eastern and northeastern coasts of the island, and one of the most popular is Calvi, for its soft, white sand and shallow warm water. On the western side of the isle you’ll find the quaint villages of the Balagne region, and the breathtaking views of the Gulf of Porto, in Sagone. The most popular Corsican yacht charter destinations are Ajaccio, Vecchio, Macinaggio, Calvi, Bonifacio, Propriano and Sari-Solenzara. Moreover, it’s very quick and easy to sail to Sardinia, which is part of Italy, we highly recommend this trip!

Ajaccio is one of Corsica’s largest cities, and is world famous for being Napoleon’s birthplace. Why not visit the former Emperor of France’s house and the city’s various monuments, and see the area’s clearwater coves, green countryside and quaint villages.

Propriano is the ideal destination for you if you’re looking to relax on the region’s beautiful coastline in summer, such as Sartène, Porte Vecchio and Campomoro. Many of the village’s locals practice water sports by day, such as water skiing, snorkelling and windsurfing, whilst in the evening you’ll find many people relaxing in one of the beach promenade’s many lively cafés.

Sari-Solenzara has the perfect mix of picturesque coastal landscape and lively coastal atmosphere, with many quaint restaurants, buzzing narrow streets and frequent nautical events.

What to do in Corsica

Water sports are popular in Corsica and you can hire equipment and have classes in water skiing, windsurfing and kayaking on the majority of the beaches. The most popular beach for water sports is Palombaggia, whilst for snorkelling the sandy Roccapina, located next to the Genoese-era Tour de Roccapina, will amaze you with its rich marine life.

Corsica is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, owing to its high biodiversity of flora and fauna and its wide range of natural landscapes. Corsica is committed to the conservation of its countryside by avoiding mass tourism; there are no large hotel chains nor sprawling resorts on the isle. For this reason, there can sometimes be shortages of accommodation, therefore we recommend visiting on a yacht charter, as you’ll easily be able to anchor your yacht in a picturesque cove after a day of walking and wine and cheese tasting.


The Corsicans’ unique identity and fieriness certainly comes across in their food, which includes local cold cuts such as salami, pancetta, figatellu and smoked ham, and local cheeses such as Brocciu. Vineyards are a major economic staple here, with red and rosé wine, such as Cru and Ajaccio wines, and are made from the sciaccarellu and niellucciu grapes, respectively. As Astérix discovered on his adventures, Corsica is the island of “strong cheese, wild pigs, chestnuts and wine”.

Book your boats rental holiday in Corsica now and take the opportunity to discover the amazing culture and history of this beautiful sailing destination, with its great beaches, green countryside and picturesque villages. Rent one of our yachts now and have a fantastic French time in the Mediterranean on your boats charter in Corsica.

Average high temperatures during the summer months in Corsica are around 26ºC to 28ºC with it not uncommon for the conditions to go above 30ºC. Outside of the high season, a yacht charter in Corsica could be enjoyed as early as May or as late as October with pleasant temperatures around 20ºC.

Sea temperatures in Corsica are extremely pleasant like the rest of the mediterranean, with temperatures varying between 19ºC and 27ºC in the mid to high season. The warmest of these months are July and August. This would allow for you to make the most of the beautiful waters on your yacht charter holiday in Corsica.

By plane

This is definitely the best way to get to the French Island of Corsica. You can book flights with International and National companies and choose between different airports: the airport of Ajaccio, located on the west side of the island, the airport of Figari, close to the city of Bonifacio and the airport of Bastia in the town of Borgo, close to the main city of Bastia. You can book a flight with national and International companies and later rent a car at the airport or take a bus/taxi to get to the different ports around Corsica.

By bus

The official website for bus lines in Corsica is called Corsica Bus and has several main lines around the island. Even though bus lines are available, they only cover some areas and are not very user friendly for tourists. The island is very natural and does not offer good public transport services. The best way is to rent a car and drive to the port that will take you less than 2h from Ajaccio or Bastia.

By train

The main train line goes from Bastia in the north to Ajaccio and stops at Ponte Leccia and Corte. There is also a train that can be taken if you want to visit the mountains and Natural parks. This train is called U-trinighellu and the official train company in Corsica: Chemins de Fer de la Corse.

By boat

It is very common to take a public ferry to get to the island of Corsica from France and Italy. You can book a ticket for very affordable prices and also go with your car. It does not take more than half a day and you can get to the ports of Ajaccio, Bastia, Ile Rousse, Calvi, Propriano and Porto Vecchio. There is also a public ferry available between Sardinia and Bonifacio (Corsica).

By car

A car is the best way to get to know the Island and be able to arrive fast and comfortable to your port form another port or airport in Corsica. Public transport is not very useful for tourists and it does not have a lot of bus lines neither offers buses that reach the beach. If you are 21 years old and you book a car in advance, there will be no problem.

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