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Choose your yacht charter in Didim, located in the Söke district of the region of Aydin, on the southwest Aegean shore of Turkey. Sometimes labelled as the ’Gateway to the Land of Oracles’, the seaside resort of Didim is only around 4 km away from the ancient temple of the sun god Apollo on the inner side of the city. A yacht charter in Didim allows you the opportunity to explore this sacred destination that since the 8th century BC has not been a city, but a religious centre for the town of Miletos, together with Didyma, in Turkish Didim, means ´twins´, and in mythology, it is linked with the place where Leto gave birth to the twins Apollo and Artemis.

Rent an aBoatTime yacht and set sail in Didim and Turkey on your very own yacht charter vacation! Go sailing to a new marina every day near Didim or visit new islands or shores located in this quieter part of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. So sail one of our yachts for your next holiday and visit some fantastic locations like; Setur, Marmaris, Fethiye, Cesme, Altinkum, Kusadasi, Bodrum and many more destinations that you could visit on your own yacht charter in Didim, Turkey.

What to do in Didim

This key historical location is also surrounded by other famous points of interest such as the House of the Virgin Mary. If you are very fond of architecture and would like to visit other temples on your yacht charter holiday in Didim, go to the sanctuary of Zeus in Euromos. Alternatively, if you decide to explore the town of Ephesus, there you will find the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The old metropolis of Ephesus is considered one of the best ancient sites in the Mediterranean Sea as it houses a great number of well-preserved archeological remnants. For cultural enrichment it is the ideal place to visit on a yacht charter in Didim.

The area of Didim surrounding the temple of Apollo was previously known as Yoran, until the city experienced a huge earthquake in 1955-1956. Before the catastrophe the town looked like a fortress whereas now you will see how the government rebuilt the city with concrete houses. Thus, it was given the name of Yenihisar, Yeni means new and hisar, castle. On your yacht charter in Didim you will appreciate how this region has developed into a great tourist spot due to its enchanting coastlines, picturesque wonders, ancient villages and good microclimate. Why not combine your yacht charter in Didim with a visit to Pamukkale, which means ‘Cotton Castle’ in Turkish, where you can enjoy beautiful scenery thanks to the several warm springs, the landscape of natural pools, and the calcium deposited in the ridges after the water cascades and cools on the cliffs.

As part of your yacht charter in Didim, you can also participate in many activities such as a visit to the Ionian cities of Priene and Miletus. Nearby is the Menderes River and Lake Bafa on the north shore. In the valley of the River Menderes there is a charming resort that is definitely worth a visit. When you choose your yacht charter in Didim, don’t miss a visit to the local market which opens on Saturdays, and make sure you participate in several of the sports available on spectacular coastline like Altinkum. Alternatively, enjoy the peace and quiet and go fishing for a delicious sea bass in the picturesque marina of Akbuk. This marina is well worth your time, you should sail to it!

Beaches and coves

Didim is located in the Aegean Sea and in front of the Bodrum peninsula, which allows you to visit both if you choose to sail on your vacations. The shores are covered in white sand, and they could go unnoticed because of the forests that form part of their landscape. If you are thinking about a special and unique place where to sail, Didim is the one where you can sail to a worthwhile marina, beach or town every day. Take one of our yachts and go sailing to some amazing islands and beaches in destinations like Altinkum, Marmaris, Setur, Cesme, Bodrum, Kusadasi and many more locations in Turkey and the Aegean Sea that you could sail to.


It is one of the liveliest places in Didim. Its golden sand gracefully contrasts with the intense blue sea.


In the surroundings of Ephesus, you can find this beach of perfect sand and the crystal clear sea.


Taste delicious foods during your yacht charter holiday in Didim! The Turkish gastronomy is very well known and it has influenced other cuisines in the use of spices, roasting of meat, etc. It is known for being the bridge between the Middle Eastern and the Balkan cuisines, in addition it can be said that it is located among the top cuisines due not only to its geographic location, but for the use of vegetables and olive oil, which are present in most of its dishes.

The Turkish cuisine is well known for its use of a great variety of ingredients in the making of its dishes, you could say that all of its dishes are well balanced from a nutritional point of view, you’ll find some tasty delights in Didim! Among the most recognizable dishes of the area you can find the Dolma, which translates from Turkish as “shat is to be stuffed”. The Dolma holds a special place in the Turkish cuisine; it can be served cold or hot as the main course. Grape leafs are stuffed with rice and ground meat and is normally served hot with a garlic yogurt sauce.

Spend your vacations on a yacht sailing through the Aegean, discover Didim and don’t miss the opportunity to visit the nearby ports of the numerous islands of Turkey and the Aegean. Sail to Kusadasi, Fethiye, Altinkum, Setur, Aydin, Marmaris, Cesme, Bodrum, Ephesus, Pamukkale many more islands, beaches and towns that you could visit whilst sailing in one of our yachts on a yacht charter, don’t miss out on the holiday of a lifetime in Turkey. Charter a yacht in Didim!

Enjoying a very hot, dry high season, and very pleasant spring and autumn months, you have plenty of options for a yacht charter in Didim. Average high temperatures in July and August reach 31ºC with it having been known to hit the high 30s regularly. A few rain showers can fall during the spring and autumn months however not a significant amount and the high average temperatures of 23ºC in October will still provide a great climate for a yacht charter in Didim. The winter months experience high levels of rain, with January being the coldest and wettest at an average temperature of below 10ºC.

A few different travel options help you choose the most relaxing start to your yacht charter holiday in Didim.

By plane:
The nearest airport is in Bodrum Milas Havaalani (73 km) with over 190 destinations in 30 countries such as Austria, Germany, and France.

By bus:
From the bus terminal in most cities, you can get an intercity coach to Didim bus station. In addition, there are regular routes to Didim from the bus station in Soke.

By train:
Many European cities operate inter-rail connections to Turkey. The best stop in Turkey would be at Selcuk which is 20 km away from the district of Soke where Didim is found. For additional information visit the Turkish National Railways site.

By boat:
There are several maritime lines that can get you to Didim, through the Turkish ports of Bodrum and Kusadasi and via the Greek islands of Samos and Kos. There are several cruises from Venice and Piraeus.

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