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Set sail to Croatia and rent a boat in Dubrovnik where you will enjoy the “Pearl of the Adriatic” and “the Jewel of the Mediterranean.” On your yacht in Dubrovnik you will appreciate the reasons behind the name: wonderful climate, perfect coastal cruising, easy navigation and crystal-clear waters. Combine this with a breath-taking scenery and even the most demanding sailing enthusiasts will be satisfied with the experience of a chartered yacht holiday in Dubrovnik.


Some of the most popular places to moor the boat are:

Dubrovnik ACI Marina

This marina has 380 berths for boats up to 60 meters in length. It also has a lot of services available to its customers.

Yacht Club Orsan

This marina can accommodate medium size boats, about 20 meters long and 3 maximum draft. This marina is also located near the airport.

What to do in Dubrovnik

The medieval city itself lies on Croatia’s Adriatic coast and boasts an amazing combination of architectural styles, such as Renaissance, Gothic, and Baroque. There is also a modern area with plenty of restaurants, bars and other attractions for those who enjoy vibrant life. Why not reserve a few extra days on board when you rent a boat in Dubrovnik to explore it if you want to fully appreciate all that it has to offer.

It’s a must to take a tour of the old town and investigate its quaint alleyways, medieval buildings, and discover its squares and churches. The fort of Lovrijenac is perched out on a rocky headland with excellent views and steep cliffs surrounding it. The surrounding areas of Dubrovnik have excellent access by boat, meaning that you can enjoy all of its areas and islands with ease. Another one of the islands nearby is Elafiti. You will fall in love with its transparent waters and beautiful surroundings. It creates an impressive landscape, making people return year on year to rent a boat in Dubrovnik. This region on the coast of Dalmatia is, without doubt, a key point at which to start your sailing holiday, since you can combine tourism with beach time.

Furthermore, during your holiday in Croatia and Dubrovnik, you have to visit the nearby towns and places such as; Trogir, Mljet, Korcula, Elafiti and the river of Neretva to the south of Croatia. Additionally, when you are sailing you have to visit different areas of Dalmatia by sailing up and down the Adriatic coast on your boat rental holiday in Dubrovnik to truly appreciate all of the islands, medieval towns and even the restaurants!

Beaches and Coves

Dubrovnik achieves a union of the old with the new and the traditional with the modern, guaranteeing true contentment for all boaters during their holiday. A yacht charter in Dubrovnik is the perfect way to discover all the amazing treasures Dubrovnik offers. Out of all the best coves that can be found in Dubrovnbik, we give you the five best.


This beach is probably the most popular in Dubrovnik. It is found in front of the Ploce Gate to the city and within you can enjoy unparalleled views of the city walls (its directly outside them) and the island of Lokrum. Banje has incredible characteristics and beautiful surroundings, but sometimes however sometimes your experience can be hampered due to the large amount of tourism... something that can be avoided if you decide to rent a boat in Dubrovnik. It also offers a wide variety of water sports and activities.

Veliki Zal

This cove is further from Dubrovnik and is perfect for those who prefer holidays surrounded by nature. This small cove with its white sand beaches is surrounded by a beautiful natural environment, with dense green vegetation. But some holidays surrounded by wildlife often don’t provide the chance to go water skiing or kayaking, unlike Veliki Zal.


This is a very special cove. It can be found 5 minutes from the old town and it has no sand, just an array of big smooth rocks. This landscape is great for exploring by boat as you can enjoy the water for one, as well as sunbathe from the comfort of your boat which isn’t possible if you visit on foot.


With a similar style to that of Danče, Buza also isn’t an actual beach. Found to the south of the city, within this attractive, rounded white cliff, there is a swimming area perfect for enjoying the Adriatic and taking a dip off your boat.

Sveti Jakov

If what you look for is a more exclusive spot then it can be found at Sveti Jakov. It is a small cove with clear blue water that’s lesser known by the tourists and has a great view from aboard your boat. On this golden sand beach, you can also practice many water sports such as kayaking, canoeing or jet-skiing, all away from the crowds.

Natural Parks

Dubrovnik is located in a place with a beautiful natural background. The most characteristic place in the region is:

Lokrum Island

Small Island declared Natural Park, where you can enjoy its breathtaking views, along with a wealth of historical heritage.


The mixture of cultures, the great variety of high quality of produce, both from the land and the seas, the love for the cuisine that the Croatian people have shown have given place to a Mediterranean cuisine that combines the purest of flavours with a healthy nutrition. With Italian, Slavic, Turkish and Greek influences, Dubrovnik’s cuisine surprises its visitors by its high quality and variety.

Being on the coast with a fishing port, it’s logical that fish and shellfish have an important place in the local cuisine. A good example of this is the Bouzara, a dish that has the crayfish as the main ingredient. We can’t forget the calamari, since it is rumored that in Dubrovnik you can find the best in the world. The squid and the lobster are in many cases served with rice are undoubtedly delicious. The river species also have a representation in the local cuisine, through a very particular dish, the eel and frog Bordet of the Neretva valley. So during your chartered yacht holiday in Dubrovnik, you’ll eat like a king or queen!

Dubrovnik’s culture that is best understood by sailing through its waters. If you are one of those non-conformist travellers, which when visiting a place is not happy until discovering all its secrets, your best option is to sail on a yacht and rent a boat in Dubrovnik. If you do this, we guarantee that you will be able to discover all aspects of life of this Croatian city.

Found right at the south of Croatia's Dalmatian coast, Dubrovnik enjoys a very warm mediterranean climate. With averaage air temperatures ranging from 7ºC in winter and highs of 27ºC in summer. The summer season this far south can be considered as May all the way through to October especially seeing as the sea temperatures are still above 20ºC by that point. Wind would be important for a yacht chart in Dubrovnik so it's reassuring to know that whenever you go you are guaranteed similar, ample conditions of around 9 kph all year.

Average temperatures

Dubrovnik´s monthly average temperatures during the peak months are:

  • May - 16 ℃

  • June - 20 ℃

  • July - 22 ℃

  • August - 22 ℃

  • September - 19 ℃

  • October - 14 ℃

Sunshine hours

The average daily hours during the peak months in Dubrovnik are:

  • May - 12

  • June - 12

  • July - 13

  • August - 13

  • September - 10

  • October - 8

By plane

Arriving by air is the most convenient way to start off your yacht charter in Dubrovnik as there are numerous daily flights from most European countries. The airport is located about 20 km from the city, and there is a connecting bus service to the city center for around €4.

By bus

Dubrovnik has a regular bus service to all the larger cities of Croatia, as well as to other major centers in Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and some cities in Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Slovakia, and Slovenia. Dubrovnik’s main bus terminal is located in Gruž, near the harbour, so excursions to other cities in Croatia are an inexpensive and convenient possibility whilst on your yacht charter in Dubrovnik.

By boat

There are several national and international ferry lines connecting the city with Bari (Italy), Korcula, the Island of Hvar, Split, and Rijeka. The Croatian company Jadrolinija operates most of the ferry lines.

By car

If you are arriving by car, it is best to follow the highway to Split and then continue on to Dubrovnik. Getting from Split to Dubrovnik by car is an easy drive on the Adriatic Highway E65, and a relaxing start to your yacht charter holiday in Dubrovnik.

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