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Rent a boat in Elba for your next holiday! Elba is the third biggest island in Italy after Sardinia and Sicily, and the largest islet of the Tuscan archipelago. Along with the islands of Giglio, Capraia, Giannutri and Montecristo, it’s part of Europe’s biggest marine reserve, the Tuscan Arcipelago National Park. There are also plenty of towns, ports and marinas that are well worth a visit along the Tuscan, Italian coast, including; Puntone, Biodola and Portoferraio. All in all, these features add together to make a bareboat or skippered yacht charter in Elba a great holiday destination for any nature lover.

You’ll be welcomed into the beautiful Portoferraio harbour, with picturesque views of the surrounding countryside and the town’s quaint Italian architecture. Try out water sports in the famous blue waters on the beautiful coast; some of the most popular sports are diving and snorkelling. The seabed is also host to numerous fish species and even an old shipwreck. Why not discover these and all of the island’s secrets on your yacht charter in Elba!

This Italian isle is famous for giving refuge to Napoleon Bonaparte when he was exiled from France in 1814. When you choose your yacht charter you’ll be able to explore its glorious past which goes back through history to the ancient Ilvati tribe who named the isle Ilva. Years later the Etruscans settled here, followed by the Romans. Follow in the Romans’ footsteps on your yacht charter, and tour the ancient iron mines underground or simply unwind in the thermal bathhouses of San Giovanni.

There are many different landscapes where you can spend an amazing sailing holiday on your hire boat. This is also an ideal place to go hiking. To the east, however, you’ll find flatter terrain compared with the hilly and rocky areas, with many sandy beaches surrounded by emerald green countryside.

Sailing routes

On your sailing holiday, there are a variety of routes you can take, such as to the French territory of Corsica or the nearby Tuscan coast, with beautiful seaside towns such as Punta Ala and Livorno. Don’t miss out on the holiday of a lifetime; choose a yacht charter in Elba on the sailboat, catamaran or yacht of your choosing.

Beaches and coves

There are over 70 beaches to choose from with varying coastlines, if you like pebble beaches, go to Norsi and Calanova, which you can easily reach on your hire yacht.

Biodola Beach, located on the edge of the town of Portoferraio is one of the prettiest beaches, with turquoise-hued waters and its soft, snowy-white sand. It is complete with services including showers and deck chairs, perfect for a relaxing day at the beach.

Norsi Beach is perfect for going snorkelling, or just admiring the rocky landscape. It is situated near Norsi Lake, and surrounded by cliffs, caves and an equally rocky shoreline. At this beach you can also rent a canoe, to visit the sea caverns.

Fetovaia Beach is another one of Elba’s treasures. It is surrounded by leafy woods which is almost on the beach, creating the illusion of being on a desert island. Here you can take a walk through the woods and then cool off in the Mediterranean, it is arguably one of Italy’s most picturesque beaches.

If you’re on a romantic break, or just looking for a quieter beach, visit the Lacona coast. Here you can go trekking and admire the 360º views from Monte Capanne. You can also hire a bike and cycle off the beaten track, at one with nature.

Water sports

Diving enthusiasts often name this isle as one of their favourite Mediterranean destinations, and one of the best places for going diving is the cape, Capo Sant’Andrea, located in the north west. This is one of the best places for seeing the local marine life, with numerous species such as sea anemones, and needlefish. Also located near here are the Formiche di Zanca rocks, which is also a marvellous place to go diving, with many different marine species such as sponges, coral and seaweed.

Historic Monuments

To appreciate a bit of history whilst on your yacht charter in Elba, visit one of the many points of interest such as Fortaleza Volterraio, a thousand year old defensive fort, or Napoleon’s two ornate country houses from the 19th century, the Palazzina dei Mulini and Villa San Martino. Both are open to the public and have some of Napoleon’s former possessions on show.


If you’re a fan of fish, Elba is a great place for your sailing holidays, as there is a great variety of fish dishes to try for the first time. Try “cacciucco”, a fish stew, in one of the many beachfront restaurants. This is best accompannied with a glass of Aleatico Passito, a locally made sweet wine, whilst sitting against the backdrop of a magnificent sunset.

On your sailing holidays you’ll have the chance to sail around the island, visiting a cove in the morning, and watching the sunrise, and later in a different cove watching the beautiful sunset, with all the comfort of your own home. Sailing conditions in this part of the Mediterranean are very pleasant, thanks to the gentle breezes and calm waters, which make sailing a joy even for novices.

Sailing a yacht charter in Elba really gives you the opportunity to enjoy the Mediterranean in one of the lesser known destinations in Europe. Visit the nearby islands of Capraia, Giannutri, Giglio, Montecristo, Sardinia, and the French isle of Corsica to increase your knowledge of the area and improve your cultural experience on your holiday. Furthermore, visit Italian cities along the Tuscan coast including Biodola and Puntone, but also the local marinas and towns like Portoferraio which offer some of the best restaurants in Europe for authentic Italian food which you can enjoy on your sailing charter holiday in Italy. So explore and sail around Elba and the Tuscan Archipelago where you can relax in gorgeous bays and coves which will lead you to having the perfect holiday on board one of our gorgeous yachts!

A perfect example of a mediterranean island, Elba has hot dry summers from June through September and the months either side also provide a beautiful climate for yacht charter in Elba. Average high temperatures for the high season between June and September vary from 24ºC to 27ºC and even in the shoulder months of May, and October it experiences temperatures of 20ºC which would be a nice time to enjoy a yacht charter in Elba.

Water temperatures are perfect for a yacht charter in Elba with highs of 25ºC during the hottest months of July and August and never dropping below 14ºC in the coldest months of February.

A number of travel options facilitate access to the island and the start of your yacht charter holiday in Elba.

By plane

The airport on the island of Elba operates many flights to several cities in Germany and Switzerland, plus certain destinations in Italy, as well as flights to London and Vienna.

By bus

The bus route 1 from Lines SpA goes from the bus station in Milan Lampugnano to Piombino Marittima in about 6 hours. It stops over Corso Lodi, Pazzale Corvetto, San Giuliano Milanese, Melegnano, Lodi, Caslapusterlengo and Piacenza. Azienda Trasporti Livornese provides transport around the isle of Elba, easing arrivals and visits to ports such as Portoferrario, Rio Marina and Cavo whilst on your yacht charter in Elba.

By train

With Trenitalia you can access several destinations like Pisa in 90 minutes. The train station of Piombino Marittima is 50 metres away from the ferries and is the best rail option to access Elba.

By boat

Moby lines ferries can take you from Piombino to Portoferraio in 1 hour, to Rio Marina in 45 minutes and to Cavo in 30 minutes. Toremar specializes in hydrofoil and ferry services around Elba, Giglio and the Tuscan archipelago. Some useful services for your visit around Elba include those from Piombino to Portoferraio (40 minutes-1h), to Cavo (20 minutes), to Rio Marina (45 minutes), and to Pianosa (2 hours 50 minutes). Between Cavo and Portoferrario the journey time is 20 minutes and between Rio Marina and Pianosa 1 hour 50 minutes.

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