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Try a yacht charter in Slovenia and discover the picturesque fishing villages on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Crystal clear waters bathe Koper, Izola and Portoroz. This Adriatic nation is full of forests and protected natural parks, and holds part of the Alps that form beautiful glaciers and gorgeous hiking trails perfect for adventure tourism. Furthermore, don’t miss out on the chance to visit some of the best sailing towns and ports in the Mediterranean like Pula, Losinj, Portoroz, Piran, Istria and even places in Greece, Croatia, Montenegro and Italy during your time on your boat charter holiday in Slovenia. So set sail and don’t miss out, rent one of aBoatTime’s bareboat or crewed yachts and maybe join a flotilla and you fall in love with sailing in the Mediterranean and Slovenia.

Located in the heart of Europe, during your sailing holidays you can take advantage of the opportunity and reach the borders with Austria, Hungary, Croatia or Italy in less than a 2 hour trip. Also, islands of Greece and Montenegro can even be sailed to on your sailing holiday! The small capital city, Liubliana, offers a large cultural experience with a beautiful historical city center with an Austrian influence. Whether you love nature or you are passionate about sailing or sports, you will finish your yacht charter holiday wanting for nothing!

Rent one of aBoatTime’s yachts, either bareboat or crewed with a skipper and experience a true sense of adventure, relaxation and joy when you embark on a yacht charter sailing holiday. Set sail on the Adriatic Sea and visit this less well known country and use its location to your advantage. Explore stunning areas such as; Pula, Losinj, Koper, Istria and even areas in other countries like Croatia, Montenegro and Italy during your time on your yacht charter holiday. Why not join a flotilla and sail with other boats to enjoy an even livelier atmosphere on your holiday!

What to do in Slovenia

The great Italian influence in the region of Istria gives it a special kind of charm. The city of Piran is known as the little Venice and Italian is spoken there as a second official language. The sports port is right on the edge of the town's central plaza, where one can find a large number of cafes and charming little stores. There is no easier way to get there than by boat!

The city has one of the biggest sport ports in the Adriatic. The casino, the spa and the large number of eateries and bars make Portoroz an excellent tourist destination. In the XIX century, it was popular among the European aristocracy, which is reflected in the magnificent buildings of that time. The biggest nautical exposition in the Adriatic, “Internautca”, is celebrated every year attracting numerous exhibitions to the land.

The small city of Izola is located on a peninsula that goes into Adriatic waters and has a charming medieval town center. Wander through its streets and visit the beautiful palaces of Manzioli and Lovisato, of the Venetian gothic style. The biggest commercial port is located in the city of Koper, one of the four biggest cities in the country that offers a large number of amenities to its visitors.

The local geology has formed large caves that are open for the general public to visit. Considered one of the most important underground formations in the world, the most famous are the Skocjan caves and the Postonja cave. Very close to these caves one can find the Predjama castle built into a mountain at a height of 123 meters.

Just one hour away one can find the capital city, Liubliana that has a city center that looks amazing on a postcard, coronated by the famous three bridges. On both sides of the river shores that runs through the middle of the city, one can find many restaurants and bars with a great atmosphere, especially during the summer months.

Half of the country is covered in forests, no one who likes nature should miss a visit to the Triglav National Park and its amazing hiking trails with spectacular waterfalls and glaciers. The most famous are the Vintgar’s throat and the famous village of Bled, located by an alpine lake of the same name. In the center of the lake there is a small island to which the most adventurous visitors swim during the summer months.


During your yacht charter you can discover its 40 kilometers of coast and natural coves, which are ideal to relax during your sailing holiday. Many of the state’s beaches are credited with the blue flag, which is a measure of their high quality. The Adriatic is known for its pebble beaches and turquoise waters.

In Portoroz the best sandy beaches are combined with a great tourist offer. The beaches of the golf are credited with the blue flag due to its high quality.

Koper beaches

The most famous beach in Koper is the Debeli Rtic, close to the border with Italy and credited with the blue flag. It is located in the middle of a natural park more than 4,500 trees and plants collected from all the continents that offers hiking trails and playgrounds for children.

Piran beaches

The beach of Fiesa is known for its white stones and its clear turquoise waters. You will not want to get out of the water!

The romantic beaches of Izola

Izola’s beaches combine stony areas with natural landscapes. Simonovzaliv beach, offers beach umbrellas and amenities for the little kids to enjoy. Another beach in Izola is the Krka Strunja beach, credited with the blue flag, its sits in the limit of a beautiful natural landscape.


During your sailing holidays you will have a chance to discover the mixture of the gastronomic influences that have developed and changed the food in the region. The gastronomy has been influenced by the Slavic, Austrian and Italian cuisines. In the family owned taverns, “Gostilnas”, you will find typical dishes with such traditional ingredients as pork meat, col and buckwheat. White truffle grows naturally here so one can enjoy delicious dishes with this exotic ingredient in almost every restaurant and at affordable prices. The Slovenian wines are some of the best in the world. Slovenia has the oldest grape trees that still give fruit every year, they can be found in the city of Maribor.

It is normal to find an Italian restaurant with the best specialties on every corner, with thin crust pizza, fresh pasta and risotto. Due to the Austrian and German influences, in the bakeries they use a large variety of flour making bread with a natural fermentation that is so characteristic of these countries. In the cafes one can find delicious cakes and pies, such as the traditional Gibanica, a pie with a Serbian origin with several layers of fine dough and fresh cheese.

Many fast food establishments offer food from the Balkans such as the čevapčiči (spicy sausages) and the burek (a Turkish pie). As one approaches the Adriatic, the cuisine becomes more Mediterranean with a lot of seafood, such as the traditional fried calamari.

Slovenia is known as the ”Sunny side of the Alps” due to the many more sunny days that it enjoys in comparison to its northern neighbors. The climate varies quiet a bit between the mountainous area, where the predominant climate is Alpine; the coast where people enjoy the soft temperatures and the Mediterranean climate; and the interior of the country which has a continental climate. On the coast, between the months of April and September the temperature varies between 15 and 24ºC, while the summer days are very sunny and the average temperatures oscillate from 17 to 25ºC and can even reach 35ºC.

By plane

Slovenia’s main airport is the Jožeta Pučnika and it is located 20 minutes from the capital, Lubliana. The airports of Triste and Venice in Italy and Graz in Austria offer affordable flights from many European capitals. It is common to fly to these airports and then travel to the coast by rental car or by train. To begin your journey along the Slovenian coast, we recommend for you to arrive in the airport of Trieste, which is just 40 minutes by car from Portoroz. There is a small airport in Portoroz itself, but it has a limited number of international flights.

By road

Slovenia has a large road network through which one can drive to most places. However, you have to take into account the required sticker that is needed in order to drive in Slovenia. This sticker can be acquired in any gas station before crossing the border into Slovenia, and you can purchase a sticker that is valid for a few days or a few weeks.

Some bus lines, such as Eurolines, offer buses that take you to the Slovenian capital from many cities throughout Europe.

By train

The railroad network in Slovenia offers a comfortable access to the country from Austria and Croatia, although it is cut from Italy for historic reasons. The state railroad company is called Slovenske železnice and it also connects the Slovenian capital with the coastal city of Koper.

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