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Choose a yacht charter in France, one of the world’s top tourist destinations with over 80 million visitors annually. Choose a yacht charter in France and enjoy all the sights that the country has to offer; one of Europe’s best coastlines, mountains and rivers, historic sights, pleasant rural areas, fortresses, quaint restaurants and cafés, exquisite wine and a fine selection of hotels that rivals any other country in Europe. Moreover, go sailing in style as you sail along the world famous French Riviera as you cruise past places like St Tropez or the gorgeous natural park of Camargue, some of the highlights of France.

Perhaps you could rent a luxurious Sunseeker model either crewed or bareboat and take your yacht charter sailing along the famous French Mediterranean coast during one of our luxury charters as you visit some great destinations such as Porquerolles, Antibes, Cannes, Bormes, St Tropez and many more locations along the French Riviera!

If you choose a summer holiday aboard a yacht charter in France, the Mediterranean beaches can be quite crowded, especially the French Riviera and the well-known resort of Provence. In contrast, the extensive sandy shores of Languedoc are much quieter. In addition, you can keep your yacht in one of the many marinas and visit the nearby Pyrenees Mountains, or sail to the idyllic and wild island of Corsica.

France boasts an amazing array of stunning towns, cities and places for you to visit when you hire a yacht on a charter holiday. For example, you have to sail to or visit areas like; Camargue, Charente, Porquerolles, Cannes, Antibes, St Tropez, Midi, Loire, Aquitaine, Burgundy or Bordeaux. However, in France and its Midi region, we strongly suggest that you make use of the canals and rivers in the area as they offer a unique and relaxing holiday that is different from other types of break. By boating or renting a canal boat, you will see a new, fresh aspect to France, one of the best holiday destinations in the world.

Côte d’Azur

Arguably the best part about a yacht charter holiday in France is the Côte d’Azur. This beautiful location, is perfect for sailing and the best way to discover it is by renting a bareboat or crewed yacht and enjoying the glamour and beauty of the marvellous coast, including Saint-Tropez and Marseille. Two destinations worth visiting are Saint-Mandrier-sur-Mer and Bormes-les-Mimosas, two typical coastal villages which you can sail from on your sailing holidays on the French Riviera.

Saint-Mandrier-sur-Mer is a traditional fishing village located in the French department of Var, and has a rustic and historic centre, and long golden bays. It is also a popular place for snorkelling, as there are many beautiful coves teeming with marine life.

Bormes-les-Mimosas is another great starting point for your sailing holidays on the famous French coast. This area is famous for its favourable wind conditions, which are ideal for water sports, such as water-skiing, jet skiing and windsurfing. The village’s shoreline, including Cabasson Beach are ideal for sunbathing. The area surrounding the village is also home to some of France’s most important historic monuments, such as the fort of Bregançon.


Corsica is a marvellous island which belongs to France, and is located in the Mediterranean Sea. It has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, due to the high biodiversity of its flora and fauna. Despite the island receiving a large amount of tourists, it has retained its authentic feel; you won’t find any of the typical high rise tourist buildings on the beach here. This makes yacht charter in France a great option for those who are looking to way moor up in a small cove and enjoy the peace and quiet.

French Monuments

Paris is well known for its huge number of art galleries and museums, however the culture is not just limited to the French capital. The rest of France is home to numerous castles and historic monuments. In the South of France, you’ll find many, including the Medieval fortifications of Carcassone, and many others in regions such as the Dordogne and Loire, located in the centre of the country.

The Roman Ruins dating from the Gaullic era are also worth a visit, with the majority handily in close proximity to the Riviera, such as the Arles Ampitheatre and the Saint Remy ruins. Another reason why sailing holidays in France are an ideal option for discovering France’s magical history and seeing first-hand its beautiful scenery.

French Cuisine and Gastronomy

You can’t escape the French enthusiasm for food, which is an extremely important part of the country’s culture. Thus, one of the best ways to really experience French culture is by trying the food! Try the delicious French cheese, wine, cream and patisserie goods, which are world famous for being some of the best in the world.

We recommend trying Bordeaux’s best wines, drinking champagne in the old wineries of Reims, stop off to try oysters on a small town on the Atlantic coast, and try some of Provence’s delicious fruits and vegetables.

Sailing routes from France

There are a vast number of ways to visit France, however only with your own rented vessel can you experience the true spirit of France, especially on the magnificent south French coast. The province is home to a huge number of coves where you can drop anchor if you’re an experienced sailor or book a skippered yacht charter. The coast is also lined with marinas where you can easily moor your boat, refuel and pick up supplies.

Don’t overthink it; book your yacht charter in France now and experience all that the beautiful Côte d’Azur has to offer.

Another reason for France being such a popular tourist destination is the beautiful weather it receives. The mediterranean coast and its islands receive average temperatures of around 24ºC during the summer months and 19ºC during the mid season of May and October giving generally around 6 months of season for a yacht charter in France. The driest months are generally during the summer also with the wettest ocurring during November and December.

By Plane:
France is one of the most visited countries in the world and it doesn’t just offer beautiful and fascinating cities but also coves and beaches to sail and enjoy by yacht charter. The country’s most important airports are the following: Paris CDG, Paris Orly, Lyon, Strasbourg, Nice, Lille, Marseille, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Nantes amongst others. For your sailing holiday on the south coast of France you should search for flights to the following airports: Montpellier, Nimes-Arles, Toulon, Marseille, Nice or Ajaccio on the island of Corsica.

By Bus:
It is possible to travel to France by bus however this method of transport is only recommended for regional journeys to save time. There are two bus services to travel between the regions: Herault Transport and Lignes Express Régionales. Within the cities and travelling to the ports, there are budget urban and intercity bus services for which you can purchase a basic ticket (1-2€) or a multiple journey pass.

By Train:
The rail network in France offers lines throughout the whole country as well as from abroad for accessing the cities and almost all of the towns both inland and on the coast. The company/state rail network in France is called SNCF and it offers the option of purchasing tickets online as well as consulting all of their available services.

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