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Come on a boat charter sailing holiday in Galicia with aBoatTime and have the holiday of a lifetime! Galicia is located in the northwest corner of Spain, on the country’s Atlantic coast and the idyllic Bay of Biscay. Spain’s furthest north region has variety of landscapes, rocky hills, fine sandy beaches and steep, breath taking cliffs along with a spectacular coast, making boats rental in Galicia one of Spain’s most scenic and pleasant holiday destinations. Furthermore, you simply have to sail to or visit the nearby Galician towns and cities of Baiona, Vigo and Coruña as well as the gorgeous smaller harbours and marinas which will add to your holiday experience!

Sailing conditions in Galicia vary depending on the time of year you visit, but in spring and summer the region’s Oceanic climate is ideal, with fine sailing conditions, especially when there are winds from the southwest. Moreover, you should take the opportunity to sail your boat along the coastline of northern Spain and visit fantastic towns and sites like Muros, Finisterre and the Islas Cies during your time on a chartered yacht in Galicia.


Some of the most popular ports in Galicia are:

Puerto Deportivo Baiona

This port is located in Bayonne, and can accommodate boats up to 40 meters in length and 8 draft.

Monte Real Bayona Yacht Club

This port has 250 berths that can accommodate vessels up to 40 meters in length and 8 draft. It also offers a lot of services for its clients.

Nauta Sanxenxo

There are 420 places to moor your boat with a maximum length of 45 metres. It has also basic services available for its customers, plus several extras.

What to do in Galicia

In addition to the mainland part of the region, Galicia also has many small islands and islets, such as the island of Arousa, the Cíes Islands, Sálvora Island and the Malveiras Islands, making Galicia the ideal destination for your sailing holiday on a yacht charter, with plenty of different coastlines and landscapes to see.

The seafaring history of this region is reflected in its culture, and boat hire is very popular in the region amongst both locals and sailing tourists, especially in the period between spring and autumn. Many Galicians start learning water sports from a very young age, and never pass up the chance to spend time sailing on the magnificent Atlantic.

Galicia’s ideal sailing conditions won't disappoint you on your yacht charter, allowing you to spend easy, relaxing days sailing around the region’s scenic coastline. There are numerous marinas to moor your boat, including Coruña marina, which has 350 moorings, shops and restaurants, Vigo’s marina has 450 anchorages for your boat.

What to see in Galicia

Vigo is Galicia’s largest city and one of its most beautiful. It is located in the western Rias Baixas coastal region, and is well known for its cuisine, lively atmosphere and beautiful countryside. The Ría de Vigo, or Vigo Estuary in English, is one of the most beautiful settings for sailing in, and relaxing on a boat watching the sunset here really is a privilege. If you’re into outdoor activities, you can go hiking, paragliding and snorkelling, whilst on your sailing holiday in Galicia.

Baiona is another popular spring and summertime destination in Galicia, and is home to some of the best beaches in the region, such as Santa Marta, A Ribeira and A Barbeira. It is also one of the oldest cities in Galicia and has a magnificent Medieval-era centre which is definitely worth visiting, with historic monuments such as the Monterreal fort. When you go sailing on a chartered yacht in Galicia, you simply have to visit Baiona even if it is only just for a day, it will be worth it!

Galicia is one of Spain’s treasures, with its beautiful coastline and charming, historic cities. Why not visit the ancient city of Santiago de Compostela, capital of the province, and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a lively and historic city, with monuments such as the 12th century Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, which houses the shrine of the apostle St. James the Great, which has been visited every year by thousands of pilgrims, since the Middle Ages. The city is also home to Galicia’s most prestigious university, making for a lively and young atmosphere.

Beaches and Coves

Some of our favourites in Galicia are:

As Rodas

An impressive and relaxing place in Pontevedra, where you can marvel at the great sand extension that goes from the island of the Cies and the island of the North archipelago.


Located in A Coruña, is another of the must visit list, it is located very close to other shores, such as the Orzan. Right next to it you can find the sports stadium, which is perfect if there happens to be a football game being played when you are there.

Cies Islands

From Vigo you can sail to these islands, which are a protected natural park, its fine sands and its flora and fauna, might make you feel like you just discovered paradise.


Shares its name with the village that makes a reference to. It has a small bar and its waters are of an intense blue, it is surrounded by pine trees. It is a nudist beach.


Galicia has some of the best seafood in Spain, the Bay of Biscay offers delicious and fresh fish. So wherever you decide to lunch, whether in a small fishing village or in one of the larger cities, such as Vigo or A Coruña, you’ll have a wide choice of dishes to try after a day of sailing around the region’s beautiful coastline. During your time sailing in Galicia, you’ll eat some fantastic food, and take some great recipes home with you from your yacht charter break in Galicia!

Galicia’s many harbours and marinas offer you all the facilities you need for your sailing holiday in Galicia. The region’s myriad of small bays and inlets are ideal places to anchor your boat, and explore all the treasures of Galicia and the beautiful Bay of Biscay. Just imagine cruising along Spain’s Atlantic coast on your own rented boat or yacht charter! Its marvellous shores, mountains, and rivers as well as its lush green plains and hills will allow you to create a memorable and amazing holiday and gives you the chance to explore the local area and visit great locations like Muros, Finisterre and the Islas Cies.

The north coast's climate is different from that of its mediterranean counterparts however that doesn't mean to say it isn't perfect for a yacht charter holiday in Galicia. The temperature typically varies between 4ºC and 25ºC throughout the year and with a long, 15 hours of sunlight during the summer and low of 9 during the winter. The region generally gets strong breezes from the Atlantic tthroughout the year with the strongest coming around April.

Average temperatures

Average temperatures in Galicia during the peak months are:

  • Mayo - 13ºC

  • June - 16ºC

  • July - 18ºC

  • August - 18ºC

  • September - 16ºC

  • October - 13ºC

Daily hours of sun

The average sun daily hours during the peak months are:

  • May - 15

  • June - 15

  • July - 14

  • August - 13

  • September - 12

  • October - 11

By plane

If you want to enjoy your yacht charter in Galicia the best way to get there is by plane. You can chose between three different airports in the entire region of this amazing part of Spain:
1) Airport of Santiago de Compostela (airport of Lavacolla): it’s the main airport in Galicia and only 10km’s away from the city of Santiago (province of La Coruña). 2) International Airport of Vigo (airport of Peinador): located only 9km’s away from Vigo and 28km’s from Pontevedra. 3) Airport of La Coruña (airport of Alvedro) located in the town of Culleredo only 7km’s away from the city of La Coruña.

By bus

Galicia has several public bus lines that cover the entire region, having main stations in central cities like Vigo, Santiago de Compostela, Lugo and Pontevedra. There are National routes but for International routes it is better to check before how to get to Galicia by bus even we recommend to book a flight.

By train

If you want to take a train the best stations are A Coruña and Pontevedra that also are located close to the coast. The train station of A Coruña opens from 6am-11pm and is only 1km away from the port. Train station of Vigo opens from 5am-11:45pm and is located directly on the promenade where you can find the port.

By boat

Galicia has big main ports for leisure boats, cruisers and commercial ship’s that operate during the entire year together with shrimp boats. You can start your yacht charter vacation in Vigo or Baiona. Both ports offer modern facilities, security and weather forecaster at the station. These ports are located in the city centre making travelling easier.

By car

If you decide to get to Galicia by car or rent a car at the airport, you can drive taking the A-9 from A Coruña to Vigo, Santiago de Compostela, Pontevedra, Ferrol and Baiona. If you decide to fly to Santiago, take the AP-9 to Vigo (8km) or to Baiona (120km).

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