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In the northeast of the Adriatic Sea in the Province of Gorizia, the aBoatTime base for yacht charter in Grado is set on a lagoon islet in the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Due to their cultural and geographical proximity and likeliness, the city is often referred to as the northern relative of Venice.

Don’t miss out on the chance to rent a yacht either crewed or bareboat and take your boat charter along the coast of Italy. Make sure to visit some amazing destinations in the Italian Mediterranean like Precenicco, Chioggia, Grado, Venice and many more places that are only accessible by boat. You can even go sailing and cruising along the coast of Croatia! Visit any marina you like and explore the islands nearby, this all adds together to create one of the most amazing holidays ever!

On your yacht charter you will appreciate that this fishing bay and delightful historic town is a main tourist resort for water sports enthusiasts due to its well-equipped sandy coastlines and transport links. Your yacht charter holiday will be the perfect base to start your sailing holiday: take some time to relax in the spa-centre built in Grado during the years that it was owned by the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

A yacht charter allows you the opportunity to enjoy the multicultural remains left here before it became part of Italy. Some of them include Roman, Byzantine, Celt, Ottoman and French. Take some time out from your yacht charter to visit the Old Town, one of the best unspoiled villages in the northeast of Italy, where you can dine in a selection of restaurants and enjoy the atmosphere of the picturesque piazzas.

To take advantage of your yacht charter holiday, try to come during the high– season when there is more life to the resort. If your yacht charter holiday coincides with the first Sunday of July, observe the prayerful procession which travels with a figurine of Virgin Mary from the town to the 8th century sanctuary of Barbana on a lagoon islet nearby. This tradition dates back to 1237 when the Madonna of Barbana saved the village from a plague.

During your crewed or bareboat yacht charter sailing holiday make sure you sail around the local area in the Adriatic Sea and along the coast of Italy. Go sailing on your yacht charter to locations like Precenicco, Chioggia, the Amalfi coast, Venice and many more stunning sailing destinations up and down the Italian coast. Be it day or night, you will find a number of activities to enjoy your yacht charter holidays to the maximum, visiting the nearby islands, spending the day soaking in the sun on one of the sandy beaches or exploring coves and having fun with water sports.


There are several clear sand beaches on which one can take advantage of the warm sunny days: Al Bosco is a long sandy beach, very peaceful and with a wooded area in the back that frames in the landscape. Pineta beach extends over the bay and presents a wooded landscape with a vast extension of fine grained sand. The Snoopy beach is a beach that deserves to be in an Oscar winning film, long, straight and golden. It is also ideal for pet lovers to enjoy the shore with their four legged companions.

What to see

In this medieval town of beautiful, quaint narrow streets, don’t miss a visit to the Roman cathedral built in honor of Saint Euphemia in 579 AD and the remains of a mosaic from another 4th-5th century cathedral. Additionally, Aquileia, about 14 km south, is an interesting area to visit: sandy beaches, historical ruins and the stereotypical contemporary Italian buildings. Huge estates from the belle époque and thermal baths are scattered along the beachfront.

Water Sports

The lagoon offers a variety of water sports that you can participate in during your holidays, as well as schools that will provide you with all the necessary equipment. The most popular sports in are: water skiing, windsurfing and canoeing. Another interesting option is to discover the fantastic underwater life of the island with the aid of some snorkel equipment and a teacher who will help you to jump from the deck of your ship.


From this Italian city you can sail to other interesting places, such as Trieste to the West, or Venice to the East. In addition you have a large number of small islands that are very close, where you can stop and moor your yacht for the day, such as the Gorgo Island, or the Bocca D`Anfora Island. You can’t miss out on a visit to Aquileia, situated about 14 km to the south, it is a place of interest, and very popular due to its large ruins and the extensive sun bathed beaches.

Opt for a yacht charter in Grado and let the combination of history, rich cultural heritage and beautiful surroundings create for you the sailing holiday of a lifetime.

Grado sees summer from June to September, with average maximum temperatures ranging from 24ºC to 28ºC and very frequently rising above 30ºC during July and August. The shoulder months of May, September and October also enjoy monthly average highs of between 18ºC and 24ºC meaning that yacht charter in Grado has an extensive season.

Sea temperatures in Grado vary between 16ºC in November and 26ºC in August with the winter being coldest in February. Rainfall in Grado is fairly consistent throughout the year with the lowest rainfall coming in January however during the summer there are still very low, mediterranean levels, ideal for a yacht charter holiday in Grado.

The availability of a different few travel options means you can choose the most relaxing start to your yacht charter holiday in Grado.

By plane:
The closest international airport is Ronchi dei Legionari in Triest (20km). Marco Polo airport in Venice (90km) is another suggested option, followed by a train then a bus or taxi to reach Grado.

By bus:
The APT bus line operates several routes to Grado. From the airport, the number 26 bus will get you to Grado in about 40 minutes from Cervignano del Friuli Train Station, SAF buses go to Grado in about 20 minutes. They also offer services to further destinations like Udine and Trieste, which is useful if you want to combine your yacht charter in Grado with visits to other cities.

By train:
Cervignano del Friuli is the nearest train station to Grado (16 km) with many rail services including from Venice Mestre train station. Eurocity and Intercity provide direct routes. For instance, with Intercity the journey from Milan to Cervignano is around 4 hours 20 minutes, or 6 hours 30 minutes from Rome to Cervignano. On arrival at this station you can get to Grado by bus, car or taxi. If you would like to visit the cities of Rome or Milan whilst on your yacht charter in Grado, the train connections make this possible.

By boat:
The Torpedinieri port in Grado mainly functions from the beginning of June throughout September. APT (Azienda Provinciale Transporti) provides 3 weekly routes from/ to Trieste. The long-distance line APT E01 goes from Gorizia-Airport-Monfalcone up to Grado. It stops in Farra, Gradisca and Ronchi.

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