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Rent Boats in Italy

Rent boats in Italy and enjoy this amazing kind of holiday! Chartering a yacht in Italy is so popular, perhaps, as the country is home to the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world and is definitely one of the world’s most important tourist destinations. For example, the stunning, historic cities of Verona, Florence and Sienna are much visited by tourists looking to appreciate the rich Italian culture, while the archaeological areas of Pompeii and Agrigento attract visitors who marvel at the remains of a society that was once there. The cultural attraction of this beautiful country cannot be given justice here, and is something that must be experienced as part of your yacht charter in Italy.

Many Italian cities are significant Mediterranean yacht charter centres because of the magnificent coastline, impressive scenery, pleasant weather and friendly people. It is no surprise therefore that sailing tourists choose yacht charter in Italy year after year. Arguably, this is due to the fact that a yacht charter here allows you to sail to stunning destinations in Italy and the Mediterranean like Procida, the Amalfi coast, Corsica, Sardinia, Malta, Sicily and Tuscany. So sailors, rent one of our yachts either crewed with a skipper or bareboat and sail around the Mediterranean, Italy and the gorgeous islands that are dotted around the Italian coastline. It will be one of your holidays that you will never forget!

What to do in Italy

A yacht charter holiday in Italy allows you to appreciate the beauty of this country from a completely unique point of view while avoiding the usual tourist crowds in such an attractive destination. There are so many different aspects of Italy to enjoy: a rich historical heritage, art and culture, delicious meals in local restaurants, and the chance to get to know a new way of life. On your rented yacht you will land in the most beautiful spots, anchor in a different port every night and follow a route restricted only by your own desires!

Beaches and coves


Trentova bay is located in Agropoli and is the most significant touristic spot, in fact it has received the Blue Flag award for several consecutive years. This certification is a testimony to the coast’s fulfilment of certain standards of cleanliness, security and public services.

Luna Cove

Luna Cove is one of the most spectacular coves, due to its clear blue waters and the rocky formations that surround the coast. It is one of the typical coves in Sardinia, where the sand is combined with large rock formations. If you are a snorkel enthusiast, a visit to this cove is a must. Under its waters you will discover caves and an abundant fauna.

Fetovaia Beach

This beach is one of the treasures of Elbe, surrounded by a dense forest that opens up to an emerald beach. Hike through the forest and then take a refreshing dip in the Mediterranean.


Located in Grado, in addition for its peculiar name, this beach is also known for being worthy of being in a movie. It is really spectacular: very long, straight and of golden sand. On top of that, animals are allowed, so it is normal to see people walking their dog.

Punta Ala

Located in Castiglione della Pescaia, it is easily accessible from the main cities of Tuscany. It appears often in tourist guides as one of the cleanest beaches in Italy, and without a doubt it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Tuscany.

Violina Cove

With an extensive beach bathed by the cleanest water, surrounded by pine trees that hide a picnic area. The name of the beach is related to the sound that our footsteps make on the sand.

San Vito Lo Capo

One of the most recognized beaches of all of Sicily, located in the northeastern part of the island, it is a large fine sand beach, bathed in turquoise ocean. It is one of the most beautiful beaches that you can enjoy from the deck of your yacht while planning your next rout.


The Italian cuisine is a rich mixture. It reflects the cultural diversity of its regions as well as its rich history. It is known all over the world for its most famous dishes such as the pizza, pasta and risotto, but it is also a cuisine where the rich flavors and smells of the Mediterranean coexist. It is a cuisine with a strong traditional character very segmented by regions and the heir of long traditions, which have managed to keep alive the ancient recipes of the pizza or the polenta, dishes that can be tasted during your holidays in Italy.

From the Ligurian coast in the north to the Sicilian coast in the south, there is so much to explore and experience, and a yacht charter in Italy is the perfect way to do it. The experience of an Italian sailing holiday will impress even those sailors with the highest of expectations.

The climate varies throughout the Italian coastline, with the temperatures not necessarily increasing the further you go south. The whole country enjoys a typical mediterranean climate with the months of June to September generally experiencing average temperatures of between 22ºC and 25ºC. In most cases a yacht charter holiday in Italy can be enjoyed for a long season, in some places starting as early as April and finishing as late as October. Sea temperatures will reach 25ºC or 26ºC and will stay pleasant until well into the Autumn. The winter months' temperature can fall to around 9ºC on average and present significantly more rain than during the summer. The least rain falls at the southern tip of the currently, for example Sicily, and will fall more in places such as Grado to the north, however there still boasts around 190 sunny days a year.

By plane

To enjoy your yacht rental in Italy you can fly to whichever of the country’s airports with domestic or international companies and find good value offers. So that you choose the airport closest to your chosen port or city we recommend the following: Pisa (Galileo Galilei International Airport), Florencia, Sicily (Catania- Fontanarossa Airport or Palermo- Punto Raisi Airport), Sardinia (Cagliari - Elmas Airport or Alghero Airport) and Naples (Nápoles-Capodichino Airport)

By bus

Bus routes offer the option of travelling to Italy more economically however taking more time to do so than by train or by plane. The bus service APT, for example, has various routes to Grado; and RAMA (Rete Automobilistica Maremmana Amiatina) is the country’s main bus company, which is highly recommended when planning your journey. To get to Elba you can travel by bus with the SPA service and getting to Punta Ala in the Grosseto region the best option is to travel by bus from Pisa or Florence.

By train

Italy and its islands have an extensive railway network allowing travel throughout the whole country, from Milan to Tuscany as well as on Sicily and Sardinia. There are international train lines for entering the country and within the country there is an extensive network of regional lines that cover cities like Rome, Milan, Venice and Florence. The main rail company is called Trenitalia and it offers the option of pre-booking online to make your journey easier. The general train timetables in Italy are 6:00am-10:00pm but the times vary depending on the days and destinations.

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